When it comes to makeup, a busy girl often finds it’s both her best friend AND her worst enemy. One of the main reasons clients turn to lash extensions is because they’re sick of applying smudgy mascara or sticking on tricky falsies for a night out. Enter the lash technician, ready to keep them looking fabulous, fancy-free and ready to face the day as soon as they roll out of bed! Before your client leaves their first lash appointment, it’s a great idea to remind them to check their products are compatible with extensions—this way you can be sure that their lashes will stay gorgeous day after day. Here are some tips for matching makeup products with lash extensions for maximum retention–and less work for you, when infill time rolls around!

The first thing to look out for when doing a product check is whether any of your favourite face products are oil-based. You’d be surprised at how many products on the market contain sneaky oils (micellar water, we’re looking at you!), so always look at the ingredients list for the best idea of what you’re using on your face. Oil-based products can be great for your skin as a moisturizer and makeup remover, but unfortunately have the exact same effect on extensions; the oil dissolves the glue bond so that your lashes are removed with your makeup! If you need to switch up your remover, LASHGAME swears by our Blink Pure Clear formula, a product specially manufactured by a lash supply company to be safe for extensions.

Technicians should always stress the importance of washing your extensions with the right product! Just like a hair shampoo, a proper lash shampoo will remove those last traces of everyday dirt, oil and those stubborn bits of makeup that refuse to move at the end of the day. A little investment in the right product will give back in a big way, as this extends the longevity of extensions and makes it easier for you to apply better extensions to healthier lashes. LashGame has its own eyelash extension shampoo that is gentle on lashes and easy to apply as part of your beauty routine—you’ll be surprised at how your extensions (and your salon) will benefit!

Most first-time lash clients ask the same question—do I need to wear mascara with my lashes? The simple answer is not at all! If they need to put mascara on your extensions straight away, then you will not have done your job properly–lashes should be designed for each client personally according to their tastes and individual lash health. If a client comes back for multiple infills with mascara residue on their lashes, it would be far easier to upgrade them to a larger/fuller set than to keep cleaning them up, time after time! If they can’t bear to part with mascara altogether, putting a small amount on the very tips of the lashes will not damage them too much–for peace of mind we recommend using MAX2 Mascara, a gentle mascara formulated especially for extensions.

So we’ve ditched the mascara, now what? Check out any top Instagram and you’ll see that eyeliner and eyelash extensions are a match made in heaven. A crisp liquid liner is always a hot look teamed with lashes—however, it is best to avoid gel-based or waterproof liners so that extensions won’t turn into a hot mess! Waterproof eyeliners tend to get stuck in the fine bases of lashes and are difficult to remove without giving your eyes a rough scrub—never fun for those poor extensions. A great solution to this is swapping your old faithful for a liquid liner formulated especially for eyelash extensions—there are many K-Beauty brands which offer extension-friendly products, our favourite being Lash and Brow Professional or a smooth application and envy-inducing flick!

Alternatively, you can mix things up with a soft smudgy pencil–an ideal product for those delicate extensions is the Blink Eyeliner Pencil. Make sure to remove your makeup with those oil-free cleansers regardless of which look you choose, as clean lashes are happy lashes!