How Long Does it Take for Eyelashes to Grow Back

At the end of the day, the time required to get eyelashes to regrow is actually dependent on the speed with which your body goes through certain stages. If you disrupt that cycle, your eyelashes may grow back more slowly. If you lost your eyelashes in anagen or catagen phases, then your lashes may take more time to grow back because your hair follicles would need to pass through the Anagen stage before going back into the Anagen stage. As long as the hair follicle roots are not destroyed and your eyelids are healthy, eyelashes should regrow in six weeks because that is when a new growth cycle begins.  

You can definitely help the process by applying a really high quality eyelash serum – See our article on best eyelash serums to use.

Keep in mind, if you have any damage or inflammation in your hair follicles, your eyelashes may take more time to regrow, since that area will need to heal before that cycle can restart. If your hair follicle is damaged, like can happen in the case of skin cancer, losing eyelashes can be permanent. Similar to hair on your scalp, eyelashes go through growing cycles too, so losing some is generally not cause for concern. Just like hair on our heads, eyelashes will fall off naturally, with new hair growing in its place.  

Just like the hair elsewhere on your body, there is a reason eyelashes exist, and they will regrow, following the same inescapable cycle of hair. While stress, underlying health conditions, nutrient deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances may all play a role in losing your eyelash hair, the most common reason why you are losing lashes is your own natural hair growth cycle. In addition to daily falling out, factors such as your diet, your beauty routine, your stress levels, and other health issues may affect the loss of your eyelash hairs. While it is common for your eyebrows to fall out, there are many reasons that could affect eyelash hair loss,A but there are plenty of practices that you can turn to as well that can promote healthy growth.   

To help your lashes regrow, there are specific habits you can adopt to keep them in check, prevent unwanted hair loss, and reinforce every strand. While you cannot prevent the natural cycle of eyelash growth, there are certain things you can do to make sure that your lashes are given a fighting chance of having the longest lifespan. By maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, taking vitamins and supplements, and using natural lash growth serums, you can get your lashes growing again in no time. The most important thing is to be patient, as eyelashes take time to regrow, but there are some things you can do to encourage growth, including keeping your area clean, preventing irritation, eating a healthy diet, or using eyelash growth serums.    

You should see improvement in just a couple of weeks after eliminating the underlying causes of your loss, but it may take two months or longer before you have lashes that are growing back. Depending on what caused your loss of your lashes, the regrowth time could be different.  

The later stage is also when your lashes are more fragile, so if you had them removed or plucked by force in this stage, that would further delay your recovery, and your lashes would need much longer to grow fully. It is hard to tell how many eyelashes will grow in this period, but the active growing phase takes up only a short time. If an eyelash falls or is plucked during this stage, it does not regrow immediately, as the follicle needs to finish its catagen stage before moving to the next stage.   

The short answer is that growth may take anywhere from one to six months, depending on how the eyelash came out in the first place. It could be as little as a couple of weeks or as long as several months before an eyelash grows completely, but it is more than likely going to be in the middle. 

The Telogen stage may last between four to nine months, and is the time when your eyelash falls off and a new one grows in its place. During this stage, hair falls out; and the growing cycle is repeated again, thus replacing it entirely about every couple years. Eyelashes typically spend about 30-45 days in the Anagen/growth phase of the cycle, and they are growing during this whole period.   

Eyelashes usually grow, drop, and regrow over the course of 6-10 weeks. Eyelashes can get thinner or drop off due to some chemotherapy medications. In many cases, eyelashes lost to a burn or chemotherapy treatment will regrow with time.   

New eyelashes should regrow slowly over several months, replacing the pulled hair. Once your eyes and surrounding eyelids are healthy and free from swelling and redness, your eyelashes should be able to grow in just a few weeks. 

It is normal for the eyelashes to fall out, and most people will lose between one to fivelashes per day, says Dr. Michelle Green, a dermatologist who specializes in cosmetics. This can make the eyes feel red, irritated, and scaly, and may even lead to the eyelashes falling out or growing abnormally, says Dr. Michele Green. Losing an occasional eyelash is fine, but some health conditions, such as a thyroid condition, may make it so your eyelashes fall out too much.    

If you are not getting enough of your key vitamins and nutrients through diet, this could cause excess shedding of your eyelashes, along with loss of hair, according to Dr. Hadley King. For instance, if you are pulling an eyelash out in the anagen and catagen phases, when your lashes are most vulnerable, you can expect to be waiting much longer to have your eyelashes regrow to full length. Not all of your eyelashes will hit this phase simultaneously, with about 15% of lower and 40% of upper lashes hitting anagen at the same time.