Eyelash extensions and pregnancy

As lash technicians, we pride ourselves on taking extra care of clients. A fluffy blanket on a cold day or an extra pillow on a sore back can make all the difference, showing your clients that you’re prepared to go the extra mile. This is super important for every client, but especially when they are pregnant–the journey is never easy for expectant mothers, and a lash appointment may be all they need to make their day. Many lash technicians shudder when they learn a client is pregnant, but there are a few simple strategies to make sure that your lash appointment goes as smoothly as possible.

1. You have to know before the appointment

That old adage ‘don’t ever ask a woman if she’s pregnant’ unfortunately doesn’t apply here–if a potential client is going to be undergoing a cosmetic treatment, she needs to disclose whether she is pregnant or not for her own safety. Most pregnant clients don’t have any issues with lashes, but for those who develop an allergy or irritation if can be extremely uncomfortable (and even unsafe) for both mother and child. When screening a client, just honestly ask them if they are pregnant–and if they’re startled, just explain why you need to know. Most clients will laugh it off, and be grateful that you are being professional and thorough–it’s always better to know!

2. Patch test!

If a new client tells you that they are pregnant, strongly recommend a patch test for them. This can just be a quick appointment, usually applying a very small amount of lashes with each glue to the natural lashes–a very safe, low-stress way to find out if any allergy is present. Patch tests ideally should be performed on every pregnant client, and should still be offered if they have had lashes throughout their life with no issues. If a client has actually experienced past reactions, patch tests should be non-negotiable–as we know, if one reaction occurs the next will usually be worse, so you know you are acting in the best interests of your client. They may insist that they are fine to go ahead, and in this case it is always a good idea to draw up a waiver for them to ensure that they are fully aware of declining a patch test. Trust your instincts here–if a client is determined to have lashes ahead of the birth and they have had problems before, be honest with them and don’t go ahead with the treatment.

3. Extend appointments

Lying on your back as your pregnancy progresses can become extremely uncomfortable, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to a long volume lash application. It is especially common to get heavily pregnant clients looking for larger sets just before their due date, so that they won’t have to worry about their birth pictures–this is when you have to be realistic about how long a pregnant client can lay flat for. Extending the appointment out for 15 or 20 extra minutes can make all the difference, even though it sounds a bit counterintuitive. Even though you will technically be having a longer appointment, this extra time gives your client wiggle room (literally!) to move about, go to the bathroom etc.

4. One eye at a time

A simple trick to make heavily pregnant clients more comfortable during their lash time is by lying them on their side on the treatment bed and supporting with pillows–this allows their spine to decompress and makes the baby less stressed. Applying lashes one eye at a time is the easiest way to complete the appointment whilst using this trick. The majority of lash beds do not allow for leaning or sitting up, and any change in position can make lash application very difficult, so this is a great compromise for a happy mum and a happy lash stylist!

Pregnant clients can often be a tricky case, but there is no need to dread them. These four solutions, when utilised together, make any appointment a whole lot smoother. Lady Lash | Sydney Eyelash Extensions has a special stool and slightly lower bed to accommodate pregnant women that are coming in for eyelash extensions, which has been super helpful in creating that comfort level.

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