Should You Get Lash Extensions Before Your Wedding?

Are you making big-time preps for your D-day? Along with a list of other errands, looking adorable must be on top of your cards. If you have been craving to have those luscious fluttery lashes, then there is no better time to opt for classic eyelash extensions than your wedding day.

Every bride has to handle immense pressure to look picture perfect on the best day of her life. Even before the wedding day, there are so many events like the engagement, pre-wedding showers, or a bachelorette party where you want all eyes affixed on you. Ever wondered why long eyelashes are so attractive? Due to the love of ladies for long lashes, they go gaga over lash extensions!  

  Without much effort, lash extensions can play a key role in making you feel all put together for your big day. They can be a game-changer for your beauty routine as they omit the need for eye make-up or mascara. They make your eyes look fuller, longer, and darker, adding oomph to your wedding day looks.

Why does the lash artist recommend going for lash extensions a month before the wedding?

1) Many clients may be allergic to the lash extensions glue; although a mandatory patch test is conducted 24- hours before the application by many salons. Do you want to appear on the wedding day with red, itchy eyes? Of course, not! Plan to save yourself from any last-minute tensions. If you go for lash extensions at least a month before, there will be sufficient time for your lashes to settle, in case you are allergic to the glue.

2) Depending on your natural lash cycle, the extensions fall-off with the natural lashes. Ideally, clients have to visit the salon between 2-4 weeks for refills. So if you are happy with your new classic set eyelash extensions and have not developed any allergy signs, then you can go for a refill a week before your wedding day. Look glam and gorgeous with sparkling eyes on your big day!

3) As a newbie, you may have opted for the classic lashes, which is perfect for an introduction to lashes. The lash technician will place one lash extension for every natural lash. The final effect will depend on the health of the natural lashes. For a more noticeable and dramatic look, you can ask the technician if the strength and condition of the natural lashes would be able to withstand volume lash extensions. In volume lash extensions, 2 through 6 lashes can be placed on one natural lash. So, this will add more dimension and thickness to your lashes. Isn’t that what you want you have dreamt about?  If you have clients coming in with complaints regarding their volume lash extensions, Here are the tips from our eyelash technicians: Fixing Volume Lash Issues

Let’s dig further into why you should get lash extensions before your wedding:

1) Low daily Upkeep

For the girl on the go, to face the world with confidence, lash extensions can be the best bet. Besides routine refilling appointments, they require far less maintenance. We know how difficult it is to manage work, events and plan a wedding all at the same time. You might have to rush from one place to another. For a natural yet polished look, lush lashes can have a phenomenal impact on your appearance. They eliminate the need to swipe thick coats of mascara or use eyelash curlers early in the morning for a glam look. What a relief it can be to look gorgeous even when you wake up in the morning!

2) Picture Perfect

We all know that bigger, brighter eyes can be captivating for onlookers. A bride just wants that; the blush on your cheeks will grow profound with the constant state of your spouse-to-be. The natural wedding make-up will make the big bright eyes stand in the photos. Eyelash extensions will make you look more awake even though you may have not slept for a minute the night before. If you can’t handle the whirlwind of emotions and tend to drop a tear, you will have no worry about any fatal black marks running down your perfectly groomed face. Simply because with lash extensions you won’t need mascara! So even after your teary-eyed episode, you won’t have to run anywhere for a touch-up.

3) Honeymoon Blues

Your romance is at the epitome and you are on top of the world, when you go for your honeymoon. Lash extensions add to the newlywed bliss by making you feel bright and beautiful. If you want your lashes to last longer, even after you come back from your honeymoon, keep your lashes away from any oily products like cleansers or sunscreen. Oil tends to weaken the lash extensions bond, thus causing them to fall off prematurely.

What do brides need to consider before they begin their eyelash extensions journey?

You have to remember that eyelash extensions won’t last forever. You will have to devote time and money every few weeks to maintain your lash extensions. If you are thinking of getting them done once for the big day and then quitting, we are sorry to inform you that this won’t work. You will not like the uneven or choppy way your lashes look, with some lashes falling off. 

Considering the wedding expense that may be lined up for you, this treatment may not be affordable. Since it is a question of your eyes, you can’t mess around. You have to choose the best salon that guarantees safety and quality. With your wedding only months away, you cannot experiment by visiting a novice or cheap salon.

There is no reason to worry with Wisp Lashes at your service. If not lash extensions, elevate your look with our lash lift treatment to keep your spirits high on the most coveted occasion of your lifetime. Lash lift gives an instant result that lasts for about 6 weeks. Lash lift Knoxville will lift your natural lashes, adding length and curls to your natural lashes. If you love this look, go for lash lifts again. If not, there is nothing to worry about as your natural fringe will be intact. 

But lash lifts can’t match the look that lash extensions can bring to a bride’s face. Don’t forget to book us for your brow shaping! Do you want to diminish the beauty of your gorgeous eyes without properly shaped brows?

You will have to do everything that your technician recommends to keep your lashes in tip-top shape. If you fail to apply strengthening oil, you may experience major shedding due to the weight of the classic or volume lashes and the lash glue. It may leave you with short sparse lashes which you cannot afford to have on your wedding. That could be a real nightmare dearie!

You may not be able to apply mascara or get that smokey-eyed look with lash extensions on. Although lashes are meant to give a naturally darker and wider-eyed appearance, some of our beauties can’t live without mascara or eye make-up. In that case, be prepared for the lashes to shed prematurely. As make-up removers and mascara will slowly dilute the adhesive, making your beauties drop in a jiffy.


There are so many treatments to beautify the eyes; lash lifts, classic eyelash extensions, and eyebrow shaping. Wisp Lashes is proud to deal with all these treatments in luxury lash salons, with the best lash artist and top-of-the-line products. To experience the difference, you will have to visit us once. We promise you will never turn your back once you step in our doors.

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