How to Brush Eyelash Extensions: Simple and Easy Guide

Let’s “face” it: The truth is that normal, natural eyelashes are just there, and they don’t often receive much extra care. But should they? And what about those gorgeous eyelash extensions of yours?

The level of care you must show for your eyelashes rises the moment you have extensions applied. That’s right, babe — take the leap and invest in that eyelash brush! How you care for them is a matter of great importance, so it’s time to learn how to brush eyelash extensions and keep ’em looking their best for as long as possible.

Why You Should Brush Your Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions make your lashes look fuller, and, “by extension” (pun intended!), make your eyes look bigger and more attractive. While extensions make you stand out in more ways than one, they stand out enough on their own to attract dust, pollen, and the makeup you use. Luckily, regular brushing of your eyelash extensions can keep them looking glamorous while saving you from the threat of eye irritation or (gasp!) even infection due to dirty lash extensions.

How Often to Brush Eyelash Extensions

Wondering how often to brush eyelash extensions? Every day. Now, is it tedious to do it every day? Honestly, yes…it can be! But is it worth the time you spend brushing your eyelash extensions every day? Absolutely!

Babe, you spent a lot of time and money getting your eyelash extensions applied! It’s an investment you should want to get the most out of. If you don’t brush your eyelash extensions every day, you’ll risk them looking dry and unnatural. That would totally defeat the point of getting eyelash extensions in the first place, wouldn’t it?

Keeping your lashes looking healthy and clean will help them last longer, so any time you spend caring for them will be worth it. Brush your lashes every day, just as you brush your hair and teeth every day.

How to Properly Care for Lash Extensions

Before you start thinking that a quick brush is all your lashes need to care for them properly, think again — it’s a bit more complicated. Your whole beauty regimen needs to account for your eyelash extensions, whether you’re just starting your day or taking off your face at the end of it. You need to incorporate cleansers in addition to knowing how to brush eyelash extensions. Pro tip: You may even want to consider cutting down on the amount of makeup you put on!

Washing Your Eyelash Extensions

Washing your eyelash extensions is so important! Just make sure you use a mild cleanser. Oh, and definitely make sure that it’s an oil-free cleanser. Oil-based cleansers may cause your eyelash extensions to clump up together or even lose their adhesion. In addition, oil-based cleansers can clog up your pores, with the effects being a bit of a, uh, pain in the eyes. So, whenever you wash your eyelash extensions (every day!), use oil-free cleansers to do so, and wash them gently.

Brushing Your Eyelash Extensions

Knowing how to brush your eyelash extensions can help you maintain them between face and eyelash washings. You need to brush eyelash extensions from root to tip to get the full benefit of brushing, and, like with washing, you need to do it every day. Brushing your eyelash extensions will get rid of any debris that’s been hanging out in your lashes and will fan them out while also bringing straggling lashes back in line with the rest.

By the way, you absolutely need to have proper eyelash extension brushes in your makeup kit. And under no circumstances, at any time, should you brush your lashes with anything other than a lash brush — seriously.

If you’re wondering how to brush eyelash extensions after a shower, the most important thing to remember is that you do it with a lash brush after you shower — never in the shower! Don’t soak those beauties or they can come loose!

One More Thing: Refill Your Extensions!

Eyelash extensions will naturally fall out over time. You can’t prevent this from happening; it’s just the way of the world. However, you can prevent your eyelash extensions from losing their fullness by regularly scheduling eyelash extension refills with your favorite lash tech, preferably every two weeks or so. Refills can help you maintain the beauty of your eyelash extensions, ensuring that they all get equal amounts of love and care as you brush them.

Maintain Your Extensions with The Lash Professional!

You got your eyelash extensions done for a reason, so you should do your best to make them last as long as you can! Through washing, refilling, and regularly brushing your eyelash extensions, you help maintain their fullness and beauty.

If you’re not sure how to use an eyelash brush on extensions or forget how to take care of your lashes, don’t worry! Visit The Lash Professional whenever you have questions about eyelash extensions, need supplies, or are looking for tips and tricks for how to clean and care for your lashes.

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