Gift the Perfect Lash Look On This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is looming on the horizon, and love is in the air. If you want to drive that special someone (wife or girlfriend) wild this year, making her dazzle on this special day, it can be a piece of cake! By making eyelash extensions a part of your Valentine’s Day plans this year, you can give her a look overhaul that can open her eyes to an enhanced version of herself. 

How do you know if it is the perfect gift for your date? If your girl has been repeatedly revisiting professional eyelash extension service websites, talking about it, weighing its pros and cons, then she’s surely craving for a lush, voluminous and fluttery line of lashes. The dramatic transformation that lash extensions can give her looks will instantly infuse sparkling energy into her aura. A win-win for both; a happy partner equates to a happy you! So why not grab this opportunity and give her an appointment at Wisp Lashes, to make her dream come true? 

Just imagine how thrilled she will be when she will receive a paid lash extension appointment at a plush salon for the look of her dreams! Moreover, your gift will not only give her the dreamy look she has thought of, but it will offer her a getaway to escape from the hassles of the day, She can relax in the plush environment at the lash salon and let trusted professional lash technicians do their magic on her lash line. She will cherish the no-fuss of spending hours enhancing her lashes with curlers, mascara, and eyeliners. Don’t forget to do some advance planning and give her this precious gift before Valentine’s Day dawns. She ought to sport a sizzling look before the holiday season rolls around!

Reasons why you should gift the perfect lash look on this Valentine’s Day

Why Lash Extension For Valentine’s Day?

One routine that most women worldwide follow to enhance their looks for special occasions is using faux lashes. While doing so they glue a finely made strip of synthetic eyelashes near the natural lash line to add more drama to their look. Unlike faux eyelashes, eyelash extensions are applied to each individual lash using a permanent glue. Women also spend hours applying eyeliners, mascaras, or eyeshadow to make their eyes pop.

Eyelash Extension will enhance the result manifolds without the worry of preserving them like the falsies. Eyelash extensions will make her eyes pop, breathing life into a tired face. Lash extensions are far more comfortable than strip lashes and the results last for weeks with proper lash care. Falsies at times tend to look unnatural and there is a constant fear of the strip coming off; however, eyelash extensions are inarguably more natural than their strip counterpart.

Perfectly long and lush professionally extended lashes will uplift their natural beauty, which can be dragged to adorn a striking look by adding a touch of oil-free make-up. They can step out with greater confidence as this beauty enhancement is guaranteed to turn heads and grab all the attention. Wear-and-go lashes give freedom from mascara and other types of eye makeup, saving precious time that you can rather spend together. When your woman will look beautiful and feel confident, she will exude a totally different charisma. Wouldn’t you like that?

This Valentines Day, carefully choose from our eyelash extension packages. Both options are great but differ in terms of length, fullness, and overall appeal.

Why gift the Classic Lash Set?

If your lady is blessed with naturally long and healthy eyelashes, gifting the Classic Eyelash Extensions will further enhance her natural look. This effortless, all-time mascara look is less on the drama side, giving a very subtle but visible change.

The classic set eyelash extensions look gives a beautifully balanced yet strikingly elegant look. It uses the 1:1 eyelash application ratio; for every natural lash, the professional lash artist will apply one synthetic lash taking into account her natural lash length, strength, shape, and density. A new classic lash set at Wisp Lashes will cost you $ 175. Isn’t that a tiny cost for your partner’s happiness? It will give them room to flaunt their natural beauty with a little extra oomph! 

Why gift the Volume Lash Set?

If she is ready to rock a sexy, sultry look, then this option is for you. For every natural lash, professionals will adhere a hand-crafted volume fan of 2-6 lashes to each individual natural lash making her lash line look lengthy, lush, and over-full. This look is appropriate if your lady wishes to add more drama or is suffering from thinning or damaged lashes.

If she wishes to spot a darker, more strip lash look than classic eyelash extensions then this package is for you. Starting at $220, volume lashes take fullness to the max. Unleash her inner bombshell and give her this wonderful lash set so that she is ready to paint the town red this Valentine’s Day!


Women deserve to look and feel their best every day, not just on Valentine’s Day. You may be adorable and she may love you to the moon and back, but if you are thoughtful enough to listen to her heart, then it would mean the world to her. Few gifts can match a perfectly-applied set of eyelash extensions. From the time they have been introduced to the market, their popularity has never taken a back seat.

So what are you waiting for? If you require a great gift idea for your partner so that she looks her best for Valentine’s Day, consider gifting her an eyelash extensions appointment at Wisp Lashes. Our professionally-trained and licensed technicians will harness her simplistic glamour, making her look good every time she blinks her eyes. Give us a call right away to bring a smile to your special someone, and schedule an eyelash extension appointment today.

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