Eyelash serums are the rave of the moment now. Not only are they a product every lady who wants long and a luscious looking lash should have, but they also serve as an affordable and more comfortable alternative to false lashes.

I Tried DIY Eyelash Growth Serums – NONE of Them Worked !!

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Just like everyone else, I tried researching DIY lash serums. Concoction after concoction from every DIY blog out there. .. for 10 months, I was making and using them. I saw zero results.

I finally gave up on trying to save money, and decided to do some research on which eyelash serums work.

The question is – is it possible to achieve the right amount of lashes, with just a few drops of a serum? Most women have been experimenting with different brands of eyelash serums and I decided to make a journal about my experience with eyelash serums.

After having used several eyelash serums, I decided I need more women to weight in on their experiences. That’s when I created this blog to compare a number of eyelash enhancer serums currently on the market.

One thing I have learnt, is that there isn’t anything on the market that works for everyone. There are some serums that stand out and work amazing most of the time. So the sad truth is if one doesn’t work for you, you would have to try another to see results.

These are the ones that most women recommended. Check them out.

#1 Rated Eyelash Growth Serum - by
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Idol Lash

If you are looking for an eyelash growth serum that is made with natural ingredients, then you must grab Bioluma eyelash growth serum. This eyelash serum is very affordable and it is also easy to use as it can be applied like a eyeliner.

How does Bioluma Eyelash Growth serum work?
Bioluma’s formula is made with plant extract Malus domestica (an apple fruit cell culture extract) which is an essential ingredient that has been clinically tested for increasing hair growth and strengthening the hair.

It is also made from bark extract, glycerine and panathenol, all of which are organic. These plant extracts make the eyelash growth serum hypoallergenic and a strong non-irritant when compared to others.


Bioluma eyelash growth serum is a hypoallergenic and non- irritating eyelash growth serum.

It is affordable, easy to use and has been certified by the natural product association.

Contains ingredients that support hair strengthening and hair growth with noticeable results after 4-6 weeks.

Customers have not reported any side effects from the use of this serum.


It takes a little longer than normal to see results than other eyelash serums.



If you are not satisfied with the natural ingredients found in Bioluma, you will love the unique blend of panax ginseng root, radish root and chamollila rectitua flower all loaded with vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that make up the iconic product called Grandelash.


LiLash is specially made to promote lash growth and to ensure that lashes are waterproof.

They contain the all-powerful hyaluronic acid and other prostaglandins which is responsible for making lashes darker and glossier.

Non-reactive to contact lens and can be use by individuals with sensitive eyes.


Tingling and burning sensation especially after first use

Some users reported eye pain and dark spots around the eye.


Idol Lash

The manufacturer of this serum claims the ingredients are natural and are known for enhancing the length and texture of your eyelash.

Users have not reported being as satisfied with this serum as Idol Lash claims on their website.


Most users experienced some results in their eyelashes between two to four weeks after use Idol lashes and can be used with contact lenses.


Some users complained of irritations in the eye, especially after first use.

Takes a long time to become effective in some cases.

Some users reported it changed their eye color after using this product.

#1 Rated Eyelash Growth Serum - by

Rapid Lash

If you are looking for an affordable eyelash growth serum, then you should go for the Rapid lash eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum.


Rapid lash is works for the eyelash and the eyebrows
It is easy to use

It is very affordable


Some users complained of irritations in the eye, especially after first use.

Takes a long time to become effective in some cases.

Some users reported it cased rash and itches

Some reported redness in the eyes.

#1 Rated Eyelash Growth Serum - by


WooLash is made from Allergan which is a unique synthetic prostaglandin for treating defective eyelashes.


Each product comes with a pack of applicators


Sometimes may cause Intraoccular swelling

Lid and iris pigmentation often associated with prolonged use of the product.

I still recommend starting with BIOLUMA Eyelash Serum first. It is the most effective natural eyelash serum on the market

Eyelash Growth Serums do take longer to see results, but are far less expensive and will regrow your real eyelashes. Lash results from a faithful application of eyelash growth serums may even appear more natural than eyelash extensions, depending on the type you select. It makes more sense for people to turn towards the more permanent method of growing their own lashes through use of a growth serum rather than using eyelash extensions and mascara that are temporary.

While these eyelash serums will not do a good job at encouraging growth, they will work a good job at improving lash health. This type of eyelash serum works by artificially prolonging the anagen stage of the hair growth cycle within the lashes. These types of serums for lashes deliver the same growing power as the prostaglandin-derived serums for eyelashes, but they have much fewer side effects.

Somewhere in the middle is the lash serum, a supercharged elixir that does everything from just strengthening your lashes, preventing fallout and helping them to achieve their full potential, to actually increasing their growth and volume. Each of these serums has their own key ingredients for activating lash growth, as well as various risks for side effects. Botanical products are an excellent alternative to prostaglandin-based lash serums as they are low on side effects and yet provide very similar, if not identical, results.

In lash serums, two of the most common peptide proteins are Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 and Myristoyl Hexapeptide-16. Studies on lashes serums that include either of these peptides or similar ones have shown improvement of length, shine, thickness, volume, and curlyness. Most peptide serums also include conditioning and moisturizing agents that will help your lashes stay healthy and free from breakage and brittleness.

The botanical ingredients that you should be looking for in your serums should provide moisturizing and nourishing effects. If you decide to try serums for improving your eyelashes, you need to take care how you apply it.

If you are using a serum on your lashes to maintain their health when wearing extensions, you will want to apply it daily. Using a lash serum while wearing extensions keeps your lashes healthy and may decrease the amount of time you have to fix your natural eyelashes.

If you stop using prostaglandin-derived lash serum, you can experience lashes falling out, which may cause your eyelashes to look drab. It is also extremely common after stopping using a prostaglandin-derived serum to experience lash shedding quickly. Although eyelash growth serums may produce a limited number of negative reactions upon use, minor reactions like red itchy eyes, reduced eye pressure, skin darkness around eyelids, and increased iris pigmentation are among the more common possibilities.

There are certainly many mascaras now available which are capable of providing longer-lasting lashes, and the options for falsies and eyelash extensions. With so many products flooding the market right now, choosing the right eyelash serum to really get you the results you want is a bit overwhelming. For an eyelash serum to truly work, it needs to be made with proven ingredients, that are rich in vitamin-boosting nutrients like Vitamin E, and ingredients that have anti-oxidant properties.

By applying an eyelash serum every morning and evening, eyelash serums hydrate the lashes, keeping them from falling off or breaking. Save 20% on eyelash enhancement serum The Eyelash Serum is packed with clinically proven peptide complexes to promote longer, healthier lashes. Latisse), Neulash, NeuveauBrow, RevitaLash, Nutraluxe MD Lash, M2 Lashes Eyelash Activating Serum, Peter Thomas, Roth Lashes To Die For Platinum, Rodan & Fields Lash Boost.

By applying peptide-based serums to your lashes, you may stimulate hair follicles there to grow more hair. The FDA-approved serum is formulated with an active ingredient called Bimatoprost, which does not just make existing lashes grow longer, it stimulates the growth of hair follicles that are currently not producing lashes. The FDA-approved serum is formulated with an active ingredient called Bimatoprost, which does not just make existing lashes longer, it stimulates the growth of hair follicles that are currently not producing lashes. Many actually claim applying this ingredient will reinforce the hair follicles, allowing the hair to grow longer.

If you are free from hypotrichosis and you are looking for a product to improve your lashes cosmetically by making them longer, fuller, and darker, a peptide-based over-the-counter lash-growth serum is your best lash serum. It is difficult to get the same lengthening results with botanical-based formulas that you get from a prostaglandin-based or Peptide-based formula, which is why they are typically used as a natural alternative for getting healthy looking lashes. Maya Chias star ingredient is their Quadruple Peptide Complex, a patented formula which actually helps the lashes to lengthen and grow volume, and is their healthy lashes.

While a lot of mascara formulations include important ingredients such as peptides and biotin, it is somewhat counterintuitive that in the process of removing it, the lashes may get pulled away leaving thin areas which require even more assistance in growing. Since serums made from peptides and vitamins actually do not alter eyelash growth cycles, they will not produce the same results when you stop using them.

For instance, the ADOREYES Plus Lashes serum uses the Triple Peptide Complex, which works by time-releasing peptides to target all three stages of the eyelash cycle. Most over-the-counter lash serums either rely on a laundry list of moisturizing ingredients and/or peptides that stimulate the follicles, leaving the lashes stronger and healthier – and later looking darker and fuller – or on an ingredient that rivals the enlargement-boosting properties of Bimatoprost (available in Latisse in prescription form), like isopropyl Cloprostenate. Some lash serums actually do the trick, and others may not be quite as effective, according to Dendi Engelman — it really comes down to doing your research and choosing the ones with the ingredients lists and formulations to back up their claims.

The ingredients in lash serums do many things: They help feed your hair with the necessary nutrients for it to grow efficiently, to nourish it from root to tip, and to impart a gloss to help lashes look overall longer and fuller. Aside from the financial implications of regular eyelash makeup, DIY eyelash growth serums provide an inexpensive answer to longer, fuller lashes.