Idol Lash Review

Women all over the world have always wanted a product that will make their features larger, longer, and better. For some women, they want bigger lips, for other women they prefer larger body parts like breast and buttocks, but if you are satisfied with all you’ve got except your lashes, then you should check this out.

While having a longer lash may seem like an almost impossible task for any lady, most ladies have found the long lost answer they have been looking for in the form of this extremely useful eyelash enhancer – idol lash. However, many are still in doubt about whether idol lash is merely an online product or if it really delivers result.

We have conducted a review on idol lashes, read on to enjoy it.

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What Are Idol Lashes?

Idol lashes are lash enhancers which are mostly online-based that can be used to increase eyelash fullness and length, and they perform these functions without any side effects.

There are several types of eyelash enhancers in serum form in the market. Read on to check it out.

Idol Lash Lash Enhancer By Rapid Lash

Ladies love this great product because of several factors topmost of which include the price, the performance, and the positive reviews from past customers. You can enhance the length and texture of your eyelash using rapid lash because of the richness of the ingredients used in the production of this wonder lash enhancer.

Some of these ingredients include soybeans, biotin, panthenol, and extract of pumpkin seed. With idol lash, your lash is poised to become thicker, healthier, longer, lusher and fuller.

How Does Idol Lash Work?

This is what the manufacturers of idol lash have to say about idol lash. Idol lash is composed of different natural extracts, which are all combined to give a very interesting, healthy, and easy to use product. These extracts include several extracts like honey extract, chamomile extract, alfalfa extract, nettle extract, and several other powerful vitamins, peptides, proteins, nutrients, and minerals.

Honey Extract

The presence of the honey extract in the lash is responsible for the sealing moisture in the lash, which makes honey an excellent emollient and a perfect conditioner for lashes. Honey is known to reduce hair breakage, reduce hair damage, and strengthen the follicles of the eyelash.

Kelp Extract

Kelp contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients which are also responsible for boosting the growth of your lash and also making the lash look healthier.

Nettle Extract

The nettle extract in the idol lash is responsible for the luster and gloss of the hair. Nettle is famous for combatting hair loss, which makes it a perfect choice for increasing the growth of the eyelash. The presence of Sulphur and silica in nettle when combined with other extracts make the lash retain their original color while maintaining their texture.

Alfalfa Extract

The eyelash thrives on vitamins, and there are only a few plants which are rich in vitamins as the alfalfa plants. The alfalfa extract in the lash serum allows the cells of the lash generate new cells, which helps to grow the hairs of the lash. Alfalfa extract is loaded with vitamins A, C, E, and K.

Chamomile Extract

The idol lash is made up of chamomile extract, which is very good for eliminating dryness and promoting a healthier and shinier lash. The manufacturers of idol lash introduced the extract in the serum so that it will lighten the color of the lash and maintain the health at the same time.

Protein And Peptides

There are several proteins and peptides in the lashes. They range from keratin to melanin found in ‘colored’ individuals. These proteins are responsible for giving the hairs of the lash shape and strength while balancing the moisture level at the same time. The lash contains proteins like biotin amongst several others.

Minerals And Vitamins

There are many minerals found in the idol lash that are responsible for hair growth. They include both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. Idol lash contains vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D and E and minerals like zinc, iron which are all responsible for hair generation and anti-oxidization.

How To Use Idol Lash

Idol lash can be used just like an eyeliner early in the morning or late at night. Apply idol lash to the upper and lower lash line after cleansing all the makeup from your lash.

Just like every product, idol lash has its pros and cons, which make it stand out from other products. Check out the pros and cons of idol lash.


  • They are made from natural agents like soybeans, pumpkin seeds. These natural ingredients make the product gentle on the lash without all the allergies and irritations of chemical products.
  • It can last up to two months with regular use. With one or two use in a day, idol lash can last for about two months.
  • Effects can be noticed after one month: most users have experienced noticeable results in their eyelashes four weeks after use
  • Can be used by users of contact lenses: idol lash can be used by users of contact lenses as it is neither toxic nor reactive.  
  • Free off paraben and noxious chemicals: chemicals like parabens which damage the lashes and can result in cancer of the eye


  • Responsible for eye irritations in some users: some users have complained of sore eyes or irritations in the eye, especially after first use.
  • Not found in every store: idol lash is not mostly found in stores except online, which makes it difficult for some individuals to replace the products when exhausted.
  • Takes a long time to become effective in some cases: some users have also complained about the time involved in getting the result needed for idol lash.

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Final Verdict

What lady doesn’t want a stronger, longer, and healthy-looking lash: Everyone does. However .. .

We recommend trying BIOLUMA Eyelash Serum over this product. It is made with natural ingredients, has a lot positive reviews, and is available at half the price. You can read our full review on Bioluma here.

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