Latisse Eyelash Serum Review

The search for the best eyelash growth serum has been an almost decade long search. There have been different products in the market with different promises of non-carcinogenic, non-allergenic, and non-toxic inscriptions on their labels. There have also been other eyelash products with organic, natural, and zero-chemical inscriptions on their labels, but none is as effective and trustworthy as this wonder-working eyelash growth serum known as Latisse.

It is one of the most popular eyelash serums in the market, and it is clinically tested, dermatologically approved, and customer- verified.

If you are interested in knowing if Latisse is just another product on the market or a product you should have in your pocket, continue reading this product review.

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Latisse is a top of the range eyelash serum which gives the users a fuller, longer and great looking lash with continuous application. According to the manufacturers, Latisse is made from bimatoprost, an Allergan which is known for treating glaucoma.

Ladies love Latisse eyelash serum because of many factors from the sleek, colorful and ergonomic design of the container to the easy to use applicator and the serum which is known to increase eyelash thickness and eyelash growth.

With a daily and consistent application of Latisse serum, the lash is expected to be thicker, darker, and fuller.


With regular application of this iconic eyelash curling serum according to the dermatologist prescription, Latisse is expected to work because of the following reasons.

Latisse is made with bimatoprost primarily and other saline substances, few extracts which are all combined in the right proportions to deliver maximum results for users.


Bimstroprost is a unique synthetic prostaglandin with chemical name known as 3,5-Dihydroxy-2-[(1E,3S)-3-hydroxy-5-phenyl-1-pentenyl] cyclopentyl]-N-ethyl-5- heptenamid.

It is a powder which is slightly soluble in water and very soluble in alcohol. This unique structure and solubility of bimatoprost are what makes it a perfect choice of substance for increasing the darkness, thickness, and, length, of the eyelashes.

The presence of bimatoprost in Latisse makes it much more than a serum and much more of medication for treating deficient and defective eyelashes.

Other than a few almost negligible side effects, Latisse has become a top choice for women who desire to have darker lashes, longer lashes, and healthier lashes.


Latisse can be found in two distinct sizes of bottles. There is a small 3ml bottle with comes with its set of sterile applicators and there is the larger 5ml bottle which also comes with its set of sterile applicators. They both are available at the most affordable prices with doctor’s prescription.


Latisse as a prescription medication, and eyelash growth substance always come with a set of sterile applicators and a bottle. The applicators are dipped into the bottle and applied on the upper eyelid of each eye with a different set of the applicator.

N.B. Before applying Latisse to the eye, makeup must be cleaned from the eye and contact lenses also to avoid interference with the drug.

Sterile applicators should not be reused either for the opposite eye or for the same eye on a different occasion. No form of brush should be used to apply Latisse other than the applicators.


Latisse is not an eyelash serum, which is why several tests and several clinical trials have proven that it is effectual for treating defects and disorders of the eyelash.

Some of these tests include:

  • The Global Eyelash assessment scale found out that between 7 to 8 of every ten persons that used Latisse experienced a noticeable and remarkable increase in the length of their eyelashes. This test was conducted within a period of 5 months. 
  • According to a scientific study carried out in the early 2000s, scientists observed that participants treated with bimatoprost found in Latisse had a noticeable increase of 2mm for every 1mm of medication applied.
  • Other evidence-based results include personal testimonials from users who all claim that with the use of Latisse at least once a day, there was a noticeable improvement in the color, texture, and length of the eyelash.


Before and after use, Latisse is better stored in a dry cabinet with temperature ranging from 2 percent to room temperature of 24 percent.


There are several advantages of using Latisse as an eyelid medication, and they include.

  • Latisse is a prescription medication which is used for treating several eyelash issues like hypotrichosis, thinning of the eyelash, and many more issues.
  • Latisse contains bimatoprost, which is an extremely effective substance for improving the darkness, length, and texture of eyelashes.
  • Latisse is a prescription medication easy to use as it comes with sterile applicators which can be used by dipping into the bottle and placing on the affected part.
  • Latisse comes in two sizes, which are affordable and easy to store.
  • Latisse is known to be very effective, and observable results become evident in less than a few months of use.


Latisse might be very effective, but there have been specific complaints over the years from the results of clinical tests and individual use. Here are a few cons of using Latisse.

  • Users of Latisse have experienced adverse reactions in the intraocular regions.
  • Continuous users of Latisse have experienced or experience lid and iris pigmentation after use.
  • Users of Latisse may experience cases of severe hair growth outside the region of treatment.
  • Some of the symptoms often associated with the use of Latisse also include but are not restricted to dryness of the eyes, burning sensation in the eye, cataract, headaches and some cases cold or other forms of respiratory infections.
  • Users of Latisse have complained of Latisse reacting with their soft contact lenses.

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This eyelash medication is only available with a prescription. However, ..

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