For a long time, individuals especially women, have been of the opinion that there is strength in numbers, which is why we all love lots of hairs, bulky muscles, curvaceous bodies, and luscious lashes. This is why the fashion and cosmetic industry has also turned to growth serums to boost eyelashes.

There are different types of eyelash growth serums in the market and on the shelves of top-class makeup stores with all claiming to be the best at enhancing and boosting the growth of natural lashes.

If you are one of the curious individuals who want to know how eyelashes work, read on.


Growth serums are for the ladies who are frustrated with using faux eyelashes and also for that individual who is tired of using lash extensions. Both individuals want longer, darker and neater lashes.

They are serums which contain large amounts of organic substances like proteins, peptides, and naturally occurring ingredients like argan oil, panthenol and also hyaluronic acid which are all combined to give the users one exciting and effective serum for growth enhancement.

Interestingly, growth serums do not contain isopropyl cloprostenate or other prostaglandins like bimatoprost, but they work as much and even better than other eyelash enhancers that contain these substances.

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There are many constituents that make up a growth serum. These constituents, when combined in varying proportions, affect the texture of the lash, the condition of the hair follicle, and much more.

Most eyelash growth serums contain large amounts of argan oil, and hyaluronic acid and different extracts such as green tea, ginseng, pumpkin seed, proteins like biotin, keratin and panthenol and peptides, minerals, vitamins and much more which have a nourishing effect on the eyelash.

Check out the uses of most of the above-listed constituents.

PANTHENOL; Panthenol is a humectant, moisturizer, and an emollient.

It is a significant constituent found in all eyelash serums because of its amazing qualities. The presence of panthenol is eyelash growth serums improves the elasticity, flexibility, and moisture retention ability of the eyelash. As a part of vitamin b, it plays a nourishing role, and it spreads evenly over the lashes when applied.

ARGAN OIL: Argan oil is a plant-based oil which is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree. When found in an eyelash growth serum, it is also a great moisturizer because of the amounts of fatty acids found in it. Manufacturers of eyelash growth serums always include it because it changes brittle lashes to supple lashes and dry hairs to soft hairs.  

PROTEINS: proteins are found in almost all eyelash growth serums because of the role they play in cell- regeneration and cell multiplication. There are different kinds of proteins found in an eyelash serum, and they range from biotin to keratin and from selenium to other rich proteinous substances.

Biotin: consists of vitamins which strengthens the hair and also promotes hair thickness.

Keratin: the body naturally secretes keratin, and it is responsible for making the lash less frizzy, straighter and glossier.

PEPTIDES: peptides are added to most eyelash growth serums to make blood flow to the follicles and also adenosine is added, which extends the growth of the lash. The types of peptides found in eyelash serums include collagen, Argireline, copper peptides, elastin, etc.

When peptides are combined with other constituents of the serum they help to firm, smoothen, soften the hair roots buried deep into the lids.

EXTRACTS: extracts areusually harvested from plants and processed to be introduced in most eyelash serums. Extracts are introduced to growth serums depending on the choice of the manufacturer and the need he wants to be met. There are several extracts which range from green tea extract, ginseng, extract, pumpkin seed extracts, soybean extract. Most extracts are filled with essential vitamins and minerals which nourish the eyelash.

VITAMINS AND MINERALS: there are different vitamins and minerals which are introduced into eyelash growth serums to make them more productive and more effective. Vitamins like vitamin B prevents lashes from becoming brittle and also prevents lash from shedding. Vitamins like vitamin C repairs damaged follicle, helps in the production of collagen while vitamin H and E encourages the growth and stimulation of hair, and also plays their protective functions.

Minerals like zinc and iron are the minerals found in most growth serums and they are responsible for boosting hair growth.   


There are many factors that determine how an eyelash growth serum is applied. Most growth serums come with applicators, and they are best used according to the instructions written in the product leaflet. Most growth serums are applied either at night or in the mornings. They are applied with drops or by running a thin line with applicator or with a finger above the lash line.


There are a whole lot of advantages to be enjoyed from using an eyelash growth serum daily, and they include the following.

  • Eyelash growth serums are excellent choices for strengthening, softening, and nourishing the eyelash.
  • A combination of natural ingredients, like extracts, vitamins, minerals, prostaglandins, and polypeptides all combine to stimulate hair growth when applied according to instruction daily.
  • Some eyelash serums can be used to grow darker and fuller eyelashes effectively.
  • The results of eyelash growth serums are noticeable within weeks


In spite of the wonders often associated with eyelash serums, there are other reasons why individuals may discourage the use of growth serums, check out the following.

  • Some users of eyelash serums have noticed a wide range of adverse reactions and sensitivities after using them.
  • Some users have complained of unwanted hair growth in other areas other than the eyelashes.
  • They have also noticed skin colorations, itchiness of the skin, and reduced eye pressure. 


There is no gainsaying that eyelash growth serums work. They are vital for stimulating the growth of eyelashes, and they are essential in nourishing the eyelids and softening the lashes and even with the little disadvantages observed by users of the product. Eyelash growth serums are products every woman should have.

It is important to weight pros and cons of each product, before you apply it – especially if it’s going to be so close to your eyes. We have created this resource for you to get an insight before you pay for any eyelash serum.

We have compared and rated top selling eyelash serums on the market today.

These ratings have been collected from users around the globe.

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