Castor Oil or Coconut Oil For Eyelash Growth

Castor oil use for eyelash growth has a few benefits that people have reported, but experts think that these benefits are mostly attributed to your eyelashes looking thicker and fuller once coated in castor oil. The easiest way to make use of coconut oil for eyelashes is by applying coconut oil straight onto the lashes like a serum. Using coconut oil for eyelashes is a simple, natural treatment you can try, whether you are looking to give your lashes some extra love following a perming session, or just hoping to increase their length. Applying coconut oil to your eyelashes on a consistent basis will help them grow as long as possible, keep them from getting damaged, and keep the lashes from falling out.   

While there is no scientific proof supporting the claim that coconut oil helps your eyelashes grow faster, there are several reasons coconut oil can benefit fast eyelash growth. While there is no guarantee that coconut oil will grow your eyelashes faster, it might be worth including in your beauty routine if you are looking for a natural way to boost your lash health.   

Coconut oil can help to maintain your eyelashes, which can lead to fuller eyelashes that will hold up under makeup and eyelash-style tools. Finally, the fatty acids in coconut oil can help moisturize and protect the lashes, keeping them healthy and prevent them from breaking. Coconut oil is able to help because coconut is high in protein and fatty acids (both things that lashes thrive on) and penetrates your lashes hair shaft, strengthening them with its proteins and fatty acids.    

Using coconut oil on a daily basis not only helps to combat bad bacteria, keeping your lashes from falling out, but coconut oil helps to promote hair growth as well. Also, coconut oils natural antimicrobial properties can help to keep lashes from getting infected with bacteria, which could cause inflammation and damage.    

A study conducted by The Hair Cosmetic found that the lauric acid, which is heavily concentrated in coconut oil, not only helps protect the lashes, it is also more absorbed in the hair shaft compared with other treatments. Sunflower and other oils contain linoleic acid, which is heavier and only covers up your lashes and is not as absorbed. Olive oil is high in Vitamins K and E, which helps to condition and hydrate the lashes.    

We already established that natural oils are awesome for your lashes. We have put together a list of natural oils that you can incorporate into your daily makeup routine. There you have it — the best natural oils to grow eyelashes and keep your lashes looking better.  

One thing that you can do is to use eyelash serums that contain nourishment oils. Eyelash Growth Serum With Olive Oil is a safe and effective way of activating the eyelash growth, making it fuller and healthier. The benefit is the serum to grow your eyelashes is completely safe (in very few cases, oil causes allergies). Avocado oil promotes blood flow in the hair follicles, making the eyelashes healthier and beautiful.  

If used properly, oil is absorbed nearly fully into each hairs bulb and shaft, infusing it with beneficial substances. One reason why jojoba oil is ideal for eyelashes is because, even after application; it does not lose its non-oxidizing characteristics.   

Castor oil is a powerful, follicle-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial oil which makes your eyelashes darker, thicker, and stronger. High in fatty acids and Vitamin E, Castor oil feeds the lashes. 

These 3 oils form an extremely nourishing eyelash treatment that helps to promote healthier, longer, and fuller lashes. Keep in mind these oils also fall flat if you continue with the chemical treatments for your lashes.  

One of the best things about Vitamin E oil is not only does it keep your eyelashes looking full, it also keeps them from getting damaged and broken. Full of calcium, vitamin E, magnesium, and monounsaturated fats, almond oil also helps to condition and feed the lashes.  

Coconut contains a lot of health properties like natural fatty acids that are needed for the growth of cells in human body, so applying this on eyelashes helps the growth of new ones. The health benefits of coconut oil are vast, and coconut oil is a product which has been praised for its wonder effects on skin and hair, for cooking, and now, yes, you guessed it, even for longer, fuller eyelashes. The heavy coconut oil content of this mascara makes for a luxurious lash treatment, while also strengthening the natural lashes to give a fresher, brighter outlook.  

Coconut has a nice fragrance, and when applied to the lashes, will instantly soften and hydrate them, helping create separation and definition, as well as giving them a lightly reflective, shiny quality that helps to give you that fresh, natural look. You see, the majority of fatty acids found in coconut are lauric acids, which has a decent amount of antifungal and antibacterial properties which will keep your lashes from falling victim to infections which restrict the growth of your hair. Regular, prolonged usage of Coconut Oil comes with even greater benefits for the eyelashes, helping replenish your lashes with the necessary moisture and nourishment that strengthens them, which will eventually help the lashes last longer before falling or breaking.   

Along with being safe for eye use, coconut oil can double-duty, providing benefits to not only the eyelashes, but the skin surrounding the eyes as well. It will be easier for oil to enter your eyes; in the evening, your eyelids are closed and protecting your eyes from oil. All these oils are also great for your head hair, so it is dual-use.