Babe Lash Enriching Mascara Review

I was asked a couple of times about the Babe Lash mascara, and honestly, I was not all that impressed. The volume-boosting mascara is water-resistant, paraben-free, vegan, and is not tested on animals. This mascara is waterproof, meaning that if you sweat or swim, it does not smudge, smear, or bleed.   

The Volumizing Mascara is a performance-based, two-in-one makeup, that perfectly coats every lash with conditioning ingredients to keep your lashes looking and feeling perfect throughout and after usage. The Volumizing Mascara is packed with performance-based ingredients such as Hydrogenated Olive Oil, Peptides, and Panthenol which nourish your lashes to provide a lasting treatment. This lash-boosting serum is packed with super-nourishing, performance-based ingredients like biotin and amino acids, giving you long-lasting locks with consistent application at night.  

This product helps to emphasize the lashes to create a natural, longer-looking appearance, and is packed full of nourishing ingredients that work to nourish the lashes throughout and after wearing. Popular Eyelash Serum Cleanse Sexy Lash Naturally longer, fuller looking lashes, No need for mascara, Exclusive Formula, No mascara, Conditioning, Fortifying, No Messy Sticks or Falses. Enhance eyelashes to get beautiful, natural looks with the babe mascara, enhanced eyelashes. Once you are happy with your results, keep using Babe Lash’s essential serums two or three times per week for continued lash maintenance. 

I am even getting better at applying it each night, and can always tell a difference when I am not using it. Plus, the Babe Lash Essential Serum is oil-free, making it safe for eyelash extensions, and has been known to help prolong lashes extensions life. This lash-boosting serum helps promote a longer-looking look, while The Babe Lash Enhancing Conditioning Cream helps make your lashes appear thicker, fuller, and darker, all without needing eyelashes extensions, falsies, or mascara. Babe Lash also sells Fiber Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, and a lash conditioning cream, among other products.  

My mother also got me Babe Lash Nourishing Mascara (Sensitivity Formula) after hearing a few reviews about the Essential Serum from Babe Lash being sensitive. For Christmas, I asked for a serum that could help my eyes grow longer, fuller lashes.  

I have always loved a very thick set of lashes — I wear at least 5-7 coats of mascara, even when it is really good mascara. I personally skip Babe Lash mascara – I use either the Stila mascara or Pump It Up, Maggie mascara by Red Aspen, both are great. Give your lashes some extra love, adding even more length and volume, with our Fiber Extend mascara. 

Use brush hairs to lift and define lashes for an out-of-control look. Starting from the base of the lashes, sweep the brush upwards from the roots to the tips. The curved brush ensures thorough application of a non-clumping, peptide-infused formula, nourishing lashes along the way.  

Babe Lashes return policy is something like this – If product does not meet the condition when received, we are not responsible for returns. If a customer receives damaged products, we ask for pictures and will ship a replacement. All products will have a 24-hour warranty where customers can report any damage/defects on products and get a replacement from us.  

If the orders are delayed because of any unavoidable circumstances, we shall not be held responsible for delays in shipping. We ship most items in 15 business days from order confirmation.  

So, all in all, horrible customer service and return policy.