Why You Should Never Use a DIY Lash Lift Kit At Home

Who would not want those fluttery luscious lashes?

They can glam up your look, making you ready to steal the show. Many women want to look gorgeous, without paying the price. They tend to save costs of the beauty treatments by doing it themselves at home rather than visiting professionals. Well, trying simple stuff like eyebrow shaping or waxing is not harmful in the long run. But we beg that you exercise some discretion when trying out stunts with intricate beauty procedures such as lash lift or eyelashes extensions. Professional lash artists have the expertise to execute the service, so it’s best to leave lash lift to them.

What is the normal lash lifting procedure?

When you visit a professional lash salon, you lie down on a comfy lash bed with your eyes shut. After cleaning the area around the eyes, the technician will affix a silicone rod onto the eyelids. With the help of an adhesive, the natural lashes are curled and attached to the rod. Then the lifting lotion is applied to set the lashes in the shape of the rod. A prior patch test is conducted, to ensure the client does not develop any reaction to the lifting lotion. Does this sound like something you can do alone at home?

Lash lift kits are available in abundance in the market; as a professional eyelash extensions salon, we would like to urge that lash lift kits are dangerous and you must avoid using them at home. Considering the significant damage lash kits can cause let’s delve deep to know why you should not indulge. Here we go!

Why you should never do a DIY lash lift kit at home. 

1) Harmful Chemicals in DIY kits

Ammonium Thioglycolate is the main lash lift ingredient. The same chemical is used for hair straightening, perming, and removal for the simple reason that it can alter the disulfide bond found in the hair cortex. It comes in handy to change the hair structure as it causes the hair cuticle to swell.

Other chemicals like propylene glycol and methylparaben are used in lift kits. They are certified to be used for cosmetic products but can cause irritation or redness if used on the eyes. So, if by chance you mess up and the formula gets in the eye, you are in for some big trouble. Any error while doing the lift can damage the lashes or even sight.

On the other hand, in professional lash lift kits, the main ingredient is Keratin that nourishes the lash while being held upward. Lash lounges have the best products at their disposal. Kits purchased from stores or online may have certain harmful chemicals that aren’t approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Not all lash kits are monitored for quality control.

The chemical ammonia, another active ingredient, causes potential hazards if it enters the eye. It could burn the cornea causing ulcers that are not only painful but are sight damaging as well. Experts advise extreme care and precision when using this chemical for lash lift. It emphasizes the need for only qualified persons carrying out this service.

2) Risk of doing it alone

If you are doing the job at home, the chances are that you have to keep your eyes open. When technicians do the treatment, they will ask the client to close both eyes so that the solution does not get in. The eyelids are prepared for the treatment. The area around the eyes is cleaned and any make-up or contact lenses are removed. If these preliminary steps are not performed, the chances of getting infected are higher.

DIY kits do not recommend a mandatory patch test. Technicians would always take a minimum 24- hour patch test to ensure that there are no reactions. Also, they know the exact time to leave the solutions on the lashes. If you fail to follow these guidelines, it could lead to permanent loss of lashes or burnt eyelids. Your eyes can become hyper-sensitive to other products such as eyeshadows, mascara, or even skin creams.

Summing it up:

In short, these shortcuts are not worth the risk they involve. It is better to be safe than sorry. A well-equipped lash lounge will offer you a range of services from lash lift to lash extensions. Today’s beauty world has no dearth of treatments to make you look gorgeous with a little care and commitment. Both these therapies require healthy lashes. Ensure optimum health of your lashes when you return for the treatments. Focus on caring for your lash, by applying products that condition and strengthen your lashes.

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