How to Practice Eyelash Extensions On Your Own

eyelash extension kitWhether you’re a brand new lash artist or a seasoned lash professional, it’s never a bad idea to get lash practice under your belt. After all, practice makes perfect (lashes). Here’s how to practice eyelash extensions from the comfort of your own home.

Practicing eyelash extensions opens doors for lash artists

Ask any girl boss how she got to the top, and she’ll tell you hard work is involved every step of the way. Through hard work, our fearless founder Vanessa created The Lash Professional that brings together women with a passion for lashes. Through hard work, you’ll improve your lash extension application technique and set yourself apart from other lash artists.

Practicing eyelash extensions is like investing in your future as a lash artist. As you practice and improve your technique, you’ll grow more confident in your skills. In a competitive industry, it’s important to establish yourself as a skilled lash technician. A confident lash artist is not afraid to put herself out there, share her business card, rent a studio location and even raise prices. By refining your lash skills, you’re setting yourself up for future success.

Another advantage of practicing eyelashes extensions is that your growing skills work as a marketing tool for your business. Think about it. If you’re providing top-notch eyelash extension services, then clients are more likely to recommend you to their friends, coworkers and other lash lovers in their lives.

A mediocre eyelash extension application won’t leave anyone wanting to gush about your services. But with lots of practice, your extension game will be worthy of Instagram posts and brunch conversations. To sum it up, attracting new lash clients becomes more natural when your work speaks for itself.

How can I practice eyelash extensions at home?

So, how can lash babes like us improve our skills? By learning how to practice eyelash extensions at home! Once you have the basics down from a lash extension class, you can put that knowledge to test with at-home practice. Here’s how:

1. Get a practice eyelash extension kit

Get all the tools you need in one place with an eyelash extension kit. Many eyelash training courses come with a starter lash extension kit. This will include lash essentials like:

  • Lash extensions
  • Tweezers
  • Lash tape
  • Primer
  • Remover

With an education from a professional lash artist and a fully stocked practice eyelash extension kit, you’ll be prepared to rock the lash world. The more you practice applying lash extensions, the more familiar you’ll become with your tools.

2. Set up a lash extension practice area

If you’re wondering “how can I practice lash extensions at home?”, setting up a little area is a great place to start. In this designated lash area, place an eyelash extension mannequin training head along with your lash application tools. You can keep this area neat and glam looking with an acrylic storage container.


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If you have a lash bed or chair that reclines, use this as a base for practicing.

3. Use the sponge method

Now it’s time to lay on the lashes. A helpful tip for beginner lash artists is to practice applying lashes on a sponge. You may be thinking this sounds crazy, but hear us out!

A sponge allows you to see the attachments and bases clearly as you place each lash inside. You can practice angle placement and become more precise in your application on an everyday makeup sponge.

Of course, a sponge does not capture the multiple layers of lashes that a client has or the eyelid curve. But practicing on one can help you become more consistent with your placement.

4. Practice applying lashes on a mannequin

An eyelash extension mannequin training head is the closest thing to a real person. So this is an awesome tool for practicing.

Set the mannequin head on the lash bed or chair; then, examine your posture. Here are some tips to avoid straining your head, neck and back when placing lash extensions.

  • Place the mannequin head (aka the client) as close to you as possible to avoid leaning over them and hurting your back.
  • Position the lashing bed (or chair) and your adjustable stool at a height where you can sit straight upright.
  • Keep both feet on the floor, straddling the bed.

Just like you practice your lash application, you’ll need to practice correct posture. You can learn more about health tips for lash artists here.

Rock the lash world, one set at a time

We won’t not sugar coat it. It will take time for you to become a skilled and confident lasher. There is no overnight transformation from novice to bonafide lash professional. But with consistent practice, you’ll grow your skills and your client base!

The Lash Professional is here to provide you with the information and tools you need to become a successful lash artist. From advice on how to build a profitable lash business to guides on creating the lash look your clients want, we’re your lash bestie through thick and thin.

Check out our classes for more information about lash application and an online training course that you can complete from home. Here’s to chasing dreams with full lashes!

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