Requirements for Utah Eyelash Extensions Certification

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Welcome, future lash artist. We’re so glad you’re here. Turning your love of lash extensions into a career is easier with some guidance from the pros. That’s why our team of boss babes at The Lash Professional put together this guide just for you.

If you’ve been doing research, you know that lash artists can make a pretty penny once they master their craft. Before you can build up your client list and crush it as a lash artist, you need a strong foundation. The state of Utah has specific requirements for lash artists that you’ll need to be aware of.

Learn what goes into getting an eyelash extensions certification in Utah and important next steps towards becoming a certified lash artist. Flawless lashing skills, here we come!

Utah Eyelash Extension Certification Requirements

Okay, ladies, the first step is an important one. One of the most common questions we get from hopeful lash artists is, “Do you have to have a license to do lash extensions?” The answer is yes!

Any Utah resident looking to do eyelash extensions must obtain an eyelash extensions certification in Utah.

Like having a little black dress in your closet you can build a ton of outfits around, having a lash license gives you an essential foundation that you can build up your skills from. The lash license is the base that you simply can’t operate without.

According to Utah’s Barber, Cosmetologist/Barber, Esthetician, Electrologist and
Nail Technician Licensing Act, a license is required “to engage in the practice of basic esthetics.”

The practice of basic esthetics includes “arching eyebrows, tinting eyebrows or eyelashes, perming eyelashes, applying eyelash extensions, or a combination of these procedures.”

As you can see, getting licensed is not only a smart move — it’s a legal requirement. To obtain your license, you’ll need to:

  • Submit an application
  • Pay the application fee
  • Provide required documentation

Before continuing, take the time to read Utah’s requirements for eyelash extensions certification. If you already have your license, keep reading for details on the next steps.

Utah Eyelash Extension Training Programs

Look at you, a licensed lash artist. Way to go! With that shiny new lash license, you’re ready for the next step. Yup, it’s time to enroll in a training course to ensure you’re ready for whatever client walks through your doors.

There may be a lot of lash prep course options near you. So how do you choose the best one? Well, start by listing out what you want out of a lash course. A few super-important elements to look for are:

  • Professional instructors with lots of lash extension experience
  • Flexible class schedules that work for you
  • Lash supplies included in the course
  • Comprehensive curriculum that covers pre-application, application and after care

Once you have your list of musts, you can search for different class locations near you. Another great option is to take an online lash certification class. This gives you the flexibility to log on and learn from wherever you are.

At The Lash Professional, our skilled team of lashers has worked their peaches off to create a top-notch course that lashers love! You’ll learn helpful techniques, industry secrets and the ins and outs of amazing eyelash extension application.

Whether you want an in-person experience or a virtual classroom environment, we have the courses that you need to level up your lash skills. Our classic and volume training course is a great place to start. And once you’re done, you’ll earn your TLP certification.

Become a skilled lash artist with a little help from the pros! We’ll help you master the craft so you can build your client base and launch your career. See you in class, babe!


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