What eyelash extension curl works for me?

One of the best things about eyelash extensions is the variety of sizes, materials and curls on the market–there are so many to play with! Stocking a range of lashes is the best way to completely customise each lash set to your client’s needs, resulting in a happy lash technician and an even happier customer. Sometimes the sheer number of eyelash extension curls can be a little confusing, and carefully outlining the technical differences between each eyelash extension curl can waste valuable appointment time. If you’re starting out with lashes or just need a refresher, here is a guide to each eyelash extension curl stocked by LASHGAME and how they can work for your client–we’ve also included some helpful non-technical explanations, so that you can communicate with your client simply and directly about their lashes.

B eyelash extension curl:

This is the most natural eyelash extension curl stocked at LASHGAME, and is great for bonding a subtle look. The base of the B curl is relatively straight and the curl is gradual, gently opening up the eye without too much lift. B curls are great for those clients searching for a very natural look, but we would not recommend it for those with straight or down-sloping natural lashes as their gentle curl can drag down the lashes.

For clients: ‘The B curl is a very natural option, if you’d like your curl to mimic your natural lashes. It will not look very dramatic, but you will still have added length and thickness.’

C eyelash extension curl:

The most popular eyelash extension curl with the widest variety of uses, the C curl is a great choice for the majority of eye shapes. C curls have a more exaggerated curl than a B curl with more of a ‘flick’ at the end of the lash, helping the eyes look wider and more awake. Depending on the thickness and length, C curls can be styled to look very natural or more dramatic depending on your client’s wishes. If they are newbies and uncertain about the look they want, a C curl is a great middle ground.

For clients: ‘The C curl is great for opening up your eyes, while still keeping it natural.’

D eyelash extension curl:

A very dramatic choice, the D curl equates to almost a half-moon shape. D curls really suit those who are looking for a Kardashian-esque thick lash look, as it makes the eyes pop! The drama of a D can come with a cost, however; due to their semi-circular shape there is less extension length for the natural lash to bond to, making them harder to retain.

D curls are not recommended for those with naturally large eyes (as it can make them look very startled) or hooded eyes (will most likely touch their eyelids and cause irritation).

For clients: ‘The D curl is the most dramatic curl, if you want your eyes to look very open. Just keep in mind that due to its extreme shape it will unfortunately not last as long as a C or B curl.’

Hot tip:

You can always mix curls for great effect, especially if you are going for a more textured or staggered style. A client’s eye shape will be a good guide for which curl to use, as you never want their lashes to be hitting their eyelids or glasses! Don’t be afraid to experiment with lash curls, as they are a great tool to shake up a client’s lash look whilst keeping a safe length and thickness for their natural lashes. To build confidence with different curls, check out our training at LASHGAME.


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