Lash protection tips for the coming cold winter

The most popular winter season is about to set in; for some, it is the best time of the year. People will start to plan for several winter activities due to the stunning climate. Skiing on the high snowy mountain slopes is among the favorites. 

Besides the fun, this wonderful time can become petrifying for your skin, hair, and eyelashes. There is very little moisture in the environment due to low temperatures and lack of humidity. The skin and hair become dry and, it affects the lashes also. They tend to become more brittle and break off easily.  It is a cause of concern for those who have opted for lash extensions. Our pretty lash girls may get upset as their magical beauty may be in jeopardy.

On the other hand, the same climate plays a vital role in the growth cycle of lashes. Their growth is retarded, so those with extensions can celebrate. They might have to visit their lash artist less often, which means savings. Either way, we do not want you to be apprehensive. To chill in the cozy winters without any hassle, follow these simple guidelines:

1) Refrain from using oil-based make-up

The only visible body part during the winters is your face. There is no doubt women want to look their very best, but for the lash girls, oil-based make-up is not on the cards. The reason being it interferes with the adhesive used to bond the lashes. Waterproof mascara and eyeliners are often tough to remove. It may pull the lash extensions that are bonded onto your natural lashes, causing them to fall off prematurely. With lash extensions, your eyes will look so sensuous and mesmerizing there would be no need for make-up. But if at all you wish to add some more charm, choose to make up that is safe for your pretty extensions.

2) Clean and moisturize your lashes

To deal with the winter issues of brittle lashes, applying a moisturizer can help a great deal. An ordinary moisturizer containing wax, oil, or glycerin would cause a hindrance to your lash bonding. You should use special serums for lash extensions to moisten your sparkling lashes. You must also ensure that the moisturizer that you use for your skin during winters is oil-free. If not, strictly avoid areas around the eyes.

The chilly winter winds and snow can cause damage to your dainty lash extensions. A good lash cleaner is a must to keep your lashes healthy daily. It helps the skin and lashes to get rid of any debris that may have deposited during the entire day.

3) Protect your lashes while enjoying steams, saunas, and hot water baths

Saunas steam and hot water baths are among the best options to unwind during the winter season. They rejuvenate your body, making you feel ultra-fresh. 

As a norm, we advise those having extensions to avoid these. But we can give you the liberty to use them if you promise not to rub your eyes while enjoying your sessions. The reason is that the steam softens the lash bonds. If you rub your eyes at that moment, the lashes will fall immediately. The moment you step out, the lashes cool, resuming everything to normalcy. So as long as you don’t touch your lashes, you can enjoy these luxuries without any botheration.

Once you have finished and returned home, your extensions will need some extra care. There may be germs, pollutants, and debris from hot tubs and saunas that may affect your lash extensions. So proper cleaning is quintessential to maintain your lashes for a longer duration.

4) Maintain a nutritious diet with enough Vitamin intakes

Health is Wealth! A healthy diet will have tremendous benefits for your hair, lashes, and skin. If your diet accommodates a decent balance of vitamins and minerals, it would be fabulous. If that is not the case, you will have to use supplements to compensate for the lack of nourishment. 

Silica is a nutrient that provides strength to hair, bones, teeth, and nails. It is advisable to start a Silica supplement at the onset of winter. Vitamins B, C, D, and E play a crucial role in the health of an individual. If not consumed in appropriate proportions, it can lead to several skin and hair problems. 

Especially, Vitamin C has antioxidation properties that protect the skin and hair from damage and harmful bacteria. You can consult a nutritionist and consume them appropriately as they can help in lash retention.

5) Go for regular refills

You cannot afford to miss your refill appointments if you wish to adorn those gorgeous lash extensions for the entire year. As mentioned earlier, the climatic conditions compel you to visit your lash artist every 2-3 weeks. 

During your refill sessions, the artist not only replaces the damaged extensions but also accesses the health of the natural lashes. In case of any doubts or concerns about premature lash fall, your artist would be the best person to consult. It can help to find out if you are committing any errors in maintaining them.

Since the mood and climate have changed, you can experiment with a different lash set from the one that you had for summer. It will change your look. 

6) Check your goggles

While on adventure trips, you might think of wearing goggles to protect your lashes from the winds and snow. Try and test them in advance before your D-day. If they are too tight, it may squash and harm your extensions. Try to choose a frame that is slightly bigger with spherical lenses. It can safeguard the extensions from dual damage; from the goggles as well as any other external factors.

Wisp Lashes takes pride in guiding each of its valuable clients with the best lash care tips to ensure a smooth transitioning in the rough winters. With the best Lash extension services, our clients are satisfied and walk away with a pleasant smile. In Knoxville, our lash extension services are renowned for the pampering and supreme environment that we provide our clients.

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