Hygiene and Our Precautions in The Beauty Industry Covid -19

Almost every newspaper headline for the past few months has splashed news regarding the drastic impacts of Covid-19 across the world. After the lockdown, many businesses struggled to stay afloat and win the trust of clients. The beauty fraternity was among the businesses that took  long to gear up.

This industry is high on tactile communication, increasing expectations from business owners to adhere to strict safety norms to break the chain. Even after the governments permitted businesses to reopen a lot of planning had to be done to ensure the safety of clients and staff.

The booming lash extensions industry requires proximity with the clients. Thus, high levels of precautions are mandatory for all lash salons. With the inflated requirement for hygiene, let’s go through the list of precautions that beauty establishments must abide by.

Here we go with our tips for precautions and hygiene:

1) Sanitizing high-risk areas

Rigorous cleaning of high touchpoints in the salon is a must to disinfect contaminated areas. It includes doorknobs, workstations, reception, chairs, tables, switches, taps, equipment used for treatment, and beauty products. Cleaning agents like Tetragene can be used for the process to minimize the risk of contamination.

2) Stock sufficient supply of cleaning material

Usage of disposable items will increase. To ensure proper hygiene levels, cleaning material must be available at all times in the salon. It includes tissue boxes, sanitizer, self-closing dust-bins, anti-bacterial wipes and soap, and rough cloth pieces.

3) Client safety comes first

To protect everyone, strict hygiene protocols are mandatory for every client as well as the salon. These are a few tips to follow:

  • Minimize the clients waiting in the reception area. Operating on a strict appointment basis can ensure that too many people do not gather at a particular time.
  • Instruct clients to limit the belongings that they bring to the salon.
  • Hands wash first! Before the clients open the door, their hands must be either sanitized or washed.
  • It is advisable to check and record the temperature of each client when they come for an appointment.
  • Without masks, do not permit clients in the salon. If possible keep spare masks for negligent clients.
  • Hand Sanitizers must be placed on every table for clients and staff. Throughout the appointment, professionals must sanitize their hands when they touch anything. Before and after every client an artist must wash hands without fail.
  • Digital payment is any day safer than handling cash. Try avoiding cash payments from clients.

4) Checks for employers and employees

  • Staff must wear masks, aprons, and gloves at all times.
  • The salon footwear and uniform must be separate and should be washed regularly.
  • Check the temperature of the staff on entry.
  • Personal tool-kit for every employee to avoid the risk of sharing.
  • The first thing to do when they step into the house should be to have a bath. Refrain from interacting with any friends or family after working at the salon.
  • Even if slight symptoms persist, do not come for work. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with the client; whether it is hugging or shaking hands. A smile and a hello would suffice in these times.
  • Salons must be well-ventilated and air-conditioning filters must be cleaned on a regular basis.

5) Confirm client status

Confirm from clients at the time of booking appointments about their health and travel history. Ask them these questions:

  • Have they experienced any health problems?
  • Have they come in contact with a confirmed covid-19 case?
  • Have they returned from overseas in the last fortnight?

If the answer to any of the questions is yes, ask them to reschedule their appointments. The conversation has to be friendly with no hard feelings. You cannot put other’s lives at stake.

Wisp Lashes, a well-known eyebrow shaping salon in Knoxville is concerned about your well-being. We have ensured that safety norms are followed at all times. Our professional eyelash extensions services have made many clients look gorgeous with fluttery luscious lashes. We let you walk out of our doors with beautiful lashes, with almost double the volume you had. The tweezers, lash brushes, eye pads, etc. used during the lash extension service are sanitized or replaced for every client. Our experts are best at what they do, maintaining all the precautions and hygiene post the Covid- 19 pandemic.

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