How To Select The Best Eyelash Extension Products?

Eyelash extensions have been a craze in the beauty fraternity for all those looking for mascara-like fixes. The eyelash extensions industry has never seen a U-turn, with lash technicians trying their best to give their clients what they want. Besides the skills of the lash technician that plays a key role in providing those luscious lashes, lash supplies can turn tables even for the most experienced artist. Every lash salon needs to keep its professional volume or classic lashes supplies at the forefront to avoid tarnishing its reputation.

Not all eyelash extensions suppliers are the same; those involved in the beauty business must be careful in choosing their lash supplies.  You may be tempted to try doing eyelash extensions at home. Due to the risks involved, we recommend not to use DIY lash lift kits at home.

We got you covered on how to select quality eyelash extension products:

1) Choosing your eyelash extensions supplies company 

Always be cautious about the company and brand you choose for your lash supplies. Some clients are inquisitive, asking a thousand questions to please their curious minds. They might ask you questions on the brand of the products you use, where they are sourced from, what ingredients they use, etc. If you are well-versed with the company, its authenticity, and the chemicals they use, you can convince your client about the same without much effort. Using fresh and safe branded products for your clients is the best way to stay at par with others in the lashing business.

You might have to dig deeper into the manufacturer’s product line to unravel some truths. Some manufacturers of lash extension supplies sell related products like tweezers, lash glue, etc. These products are completely different; if a company claims to manufacture all of them, they are putting a spin on reality. 

Another way to detect crooks is to check if the same company that manufactures eyelash extensions sells false eyelashes. The equipment and skills for the manufacturing of both these products are way too different.

In addition to the quality and name, there may be few other things to consider. According to the requirements of your business and comfort, you may need to make alterations. For instance, some companies may only offer kits in bulk. They might not let you replenish the kits you bought with individual items. As an artist, you must be aware that a number of supplies go into quality lash extensions. So, it is a must to pick a supplier that suits your inventory needs. After all, if it is just the profit that you are concerned about, we would never recommend you compromise on the quality.

2) Once you have shortlisted a company check the process and international certification

Some manufacturers have unhygienic and inappropriate working environments. The factory sites are very filthy, and the staff has to work in very high temps. It can directly impact the quality of the product. The staff working on production sites must wear professional and hygienic workwear, including gloves. The overall work environment must be conducive and contamination-free. 

We have the client’s eyes at stake; that’s why every small precaution matters. Safety ranks first in this process as the lash extensions are applied to the natural lashes. The best way to confirm this is by verifying if the manufacturer has an international standard certification. If they have the certification, you can be assured that the products are tested, certified, and follow strict international standards.

Besides this, one needs to look deeply into the supplies to pick the right ones:

1) Lashes

The entire process is dependent on the lashes used for extensions. Keep these attributes in mind when stocking up to enhance the look of your client’s eyelashes:

  • Material – When selecting lashes, ensure that they are made from non-irritating material. Although the synthetic material is cheaper, it is rough and can destroy natural lashes. PBT material, also known as faux mink, is soft and natural. It is more expensive than the synthetic ones, but we vouch for these to provide a thick, glossy, and fluttery appearance. The real mink lashes are for the aristocrats as they are sourced from the fur of the mink. It is not only expensive, but the curls may not last for a long time due to the soft luster of the lashes.
  • Length – If you have a close look at your natural lashes, you will notice that every lash is not of the same length. As a lash artist, your lash tray must be filled with extensions of varying lengths to recreate a realistic and beautiful look for your clients.
  • Curl – To add dimension and drama, you will have to choose lashes having different curls. The curl rods determine the extent to which the lash arc upward. For a natural and straight look, the J-curls are the best. They slightly curl at the end. For more oomph and drama, choose the C-curl rods that arch more steeply.

2) Tweezers

To apply the thin lashes expertly, you will need tools with fine tips. Invest in a few different pairs that allow precise maneuvering. Pay attention to these nuances before you choose these staples for your lash extensions kit.

  • Tip – The tip of the tweezers must be pointed to isolate the lashes. In addition to this, you will need tweezers with curved tips for covering the area around your eyebrows. Here, the tweezers need to be placed at angles.
  • Size – The tweezers you choose must be perfect for your hands – neither too small nor too large. You should be able to manipulate the tweezers with ease.
  • Tension – You need to note the tension capability of your tweezers. You might have to consider the high and low tension options to alter the grip on the lashes. 

3) Lash adhesive

Lashing is a game of expertise and timing. Once you apply the adhesive within a limited time frame, the lashes must be correctly placed onto the natural lashes. Adhesives that dry quickly must be used only by experienced professionals. Adhesives that offer a longer drying window are perfect for newcomers. Be very careful while choosing your lash glue. Choose a non-irritating product that has good bonding strength. You surely want happy customers coming back to you, right?

Lashing creams and adhesives start losing their effectiveness when exposed to the air. Check the size of the bottle or packet.  If available, opt for single-use packets or bottles to avoid experiencing loss of potency with every use.

4) Disposables 

Many products that you use during a lashing session may be used for one time. You might have to replenish them regularly. Don’t compromise the comfort and quality of these items for you or your client. Keep a stock of these lashing goods at all times.

  • Eye pads – You need quality eye pads to protect your client’s under-eye area and separate the upper lashes from the lower lashes. They need to remain stiff and not slide around as you work wonders on your client. They must also take the shape of the lower eyelid.
  • Eye tape – Some lash artists prefer using eye tape instead of eye pads. But you need to ensure that you are not risking pulling out the bottom lashes.
  • Lash ring – The lash ring assists in keeping the lashing products (cream, serum, or adhesive) on your hand. If you use the ring, you won’t have to turn constantly towards a tray or table to take the lashing essentials.
  • Headbands – To keep a check on your client’s hair from bothering you or your client, you will have to use headbands to keep them in place.
  • Sponges – They keep the lash area clean and are of great help in removing any makeup before you apply for lash extensions.


Without the use of quality lash extensions products, it is difficult to survive in the business. To give your clients a rejuvenating experience, prefer only professional-grade supplies. As your skills keep upgrading, you may want to make changes to the products you use. Wisp Lashes offers stellar services for volume and classic eyelash extensions. With our quality products, we have carved a niche in the lash circuit. When you are searching for eyelash extensions near me and read our name, close your eyes and trust us.

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