How Social Media Can Help To Promote Your Lash Salon

In today’s globalized era, only having innate skills and talent would not suffice to make your business reach the peak. Adopting and implementing appropriate marketing strategies is the need of the hour for any business. Your lash extensions business is no exception. You have to exhibit your skills to allure more customers. With the power of digital and print media, advertising has become way too easier.

Why do people opt for social media?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? What do you do while traveling to work? The answer is simple. Check your phone; to be more precise, check posts sent by friends and relatives. Let’s be frank with ourselves; we are all super addicted to our phones. Although this may have many disadvantages, many businesses use this addiction for their benefit to upgrade their business.

You have to be active on social media platforms to reach out to more people. There may be millions of interested clients who are keen to know about your business. Grab this opportunity and, keep getting new clients by using social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  Create the right post that can convert potential viewers into loyal customers.

Besides having a huge audience, it is fairly inexpensive to advertise on social media apps. You may not have to shell out a single penny, as compared to advertising on any other mediums like TV, newspaper, or Radio. Even if you decide to get the posts created professionally, it is cheaper than using traditional marketing practices.

Hoping that you are convinced that social media is one of the best ways to promote your business, read on to get tips for increasing your eyelash extensions business by impressing your followers.

1) Make your posts attractive and unique:

Consistency is the keyword to make your posts have an aesthetic charm. The photos or videos that you post must adhere to a uniform theme. You can play with the filter to bring uniqueness to your pics, but ensuring that posts have a regular style or color scheme would make picture recognition easier. The same rule applies to the angle or style that you choose to display your skills. 

A unique identity will make your brand stand apart in the crowd, thus giving you the right exposure to build a reputation.However, using too many filters is likely to give the clients the wrong idea; exaggerated filters are easy to spot. Instead, try using different angles and poses to get the right shot.

The content needs to be attractive to light a flame of desire in the clients to look as gorgeous as the lady in the photo with lash extensions. It is pivotal for marketing as the audience needs to feel enticed towards your product or services. In addition to this, the clients can get a clear picture of what they can expect and what look they prefer.

Proper lighting and high-quality graphics are a prerequisite for good pictures.  Investing in a lighting kit that would work with your phone or camera and softboxes can go a long way. Your happy clients will be happier to get beauty shots that they can share with their circles.

2) Shortlist the content for posting:

It may be your routine to click pictures of all your clients but post only the best ones. Many are confused about how often they need to post; we say daily. You need to stay in the minds of people and fight competition to win over clients. For this, you need to show them proof regarding your marvelous job. No way is better than taking photos before and after you lash the clients.

Having flawless photos with minute details included can add weightage to your posts. Has the client opted for a classic, volume, or mixed lash set? What specifics did you use; diameter, curls, and length? You are sure to get non-stop comments or reactions to your photos from your social circle. Add some peppy one-liners or inspirational quotes that your clients can relate to.

By tagging your client in her post, you can get more exposure.  When people see the beautiful transformation from applying for lash extensions, they are sure to come to you. Your job is done; business expansion free of cost.

3) Go Live with your lashing videos:

A great idea to create a good understanding of the entire lashing process would be to share a live video. To convince reluctant clients to share their live videos, you can offer them a discount. But be careful that you give a perk to the right client. A client who has a massive social circle would be the best bet to propagate your business to newbies. At the end of the video, give a link or a number for the clients to book an appointment. This technique is sure to generate excitement amongst the viewers!

4) Communicate with prospective clients:

Social media is an interactive platform that allows you to communicate with your clients. You can answer queries and give valuable feedback to the clients. Sending personalized messages is a great way to build long-lasting relationships.

Don’t simply keep posting pictures. Ask questions that will urge the clients to respond. Sometimes posting funny comments or photos relating to lash extensions can stir up a conversation that can convince a client to try your services. Being smart with your tactics without pestering is the right way to move ahead.

5) Use Hash tags to help you grow:

Using hashtags may sound silly, but it is the best way to let potential clients find your page. Below every post, remember to insert coded hashtags of your location, type of lashes, etc. for easy circulation. Take care that you have a separate business public page for your lash business on Instagram or Facebook to let new followers find and add you. This page must exclusively cater to posting pictures of your work or products; this is a mark of a true professional.

To expand your client database, follow other lash brands to keep you updated about everything in the eyelash extensions business. You never know, this might help followers of the lash brand find you.

Influencers can bring you a lot of popularity if hash tags do not seem to work. But the only drawback is that you have to pay for their services. Instead of paying them a fixed amount, you can negotiate a cost per action (CPA). It means every time they can get you a client, pay them rather than giving them a flat fee to send posts about your venture. Using a digital tracker, keep a record of the number of clients that call or book an appointment via an influencer. It would be a win-win for both; the influencer could get more revenue if they get more clients and you can see your business booming.

Final Words:

To sum up, social media is the easiest, cheapest, and quickest way among all other marketing methods, to see your lash business grow. Setting up a professional lash page and sending regular posts may not be that time consuming, but building trust and having a dedicated fan following may take some time to establish. Wisp Lashes is a well-known brand name in the lash extensions circuit. We deliver what we promise and, we wish to be the top choice when anyone searches for a lash salon near me.

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