Brown Eyelash Extensions: Facts, Application Tips & More

As a lash artist, you know just how important it is to offer a wide array of natural brown eyelash extensions so you can grace the looks of any client that walks through your doors. However, finding the right brown eyelash extensions for your clients and mastering the perfect

application is easier said than done! Luckily, we’ve compiled the essential facts you need to know about applying flawless dark brown lashes so you can perfect every style.

Why Choose Brown Eyelash Extensions?

Let’s start with the basics — why would a client want brown eyelash extensions vs. black extensions? Well, brown eyelash extensions are actually trending right now! These lashes have become more than a little popular with those in search of a more natural look. Let’s take a closer peek at who is likely to choose brown eyelash extensions over any other style, shall we?

Lighter skin tones. Incredibly reliable and capable of being paired with many different outfits, natural brown eyelash extensions are particularly popular with those who have lighter skin tones. These lashes don’t stand out quite as much against a more porcelain complexion, letting boss babes flaunt longer lashes without risking an unnatural look. Not to mention, those who have lighter skin tones may find that natural brown eyelash extensions are simply easier to pair with the rest of their makeup regime.

Blondes and redheads. This more natural style is highly attractive to redheads and blondes, too! That’s right — those with lighter hair colors often find that brown lash extensions accentuate their positive features and lead to dazzling looks that impress all around.

First-timers. And, of course, dark brown lashes are also perfect for newcomers who are trying out eyelash extensions for the first time! They’re easier to apply and maintain than more colorful and flashy lashes. They also don’t stand out quite as much as black lashes, making them ideal for those unsure if lash extensions are the best fit for their face.

Preparing for Application of Brown Lash Extensions

Ready to help others achieve a more natural look? These brown eyelash extensions come in a wide variety of lengths and shades for your consideration.

When appraising different brown eyelash extensions, consider that having many lash options of different lengths will help you appeal to a greater array of clients. The diameter of  your dark brown lashes may factor into their beauty needs, too. Curly brown eyelash extensions can be found to help those with naturally mischievous lashes that refuse to stay straight for easy application.

Taking preventative care measures to ensure the longevity of your brown eyelash extensions is an essential part of maintaining gorgeous looks. After selecting the natural brown eyelash extensions that meet your needs, remember the application tips highlighted below.

Applying Brown Eyelash Extensions

You need steady hands to apply your lashes with care. Luckily, practice makes perfect! As you accumulate brown lash extensions of different shades and lengths, you may need to learn unique approaches for proper application.

But how do you know when to apply different shades? Well, picking the same tone of standard brown lashes can achieve a beautiful natural look for your clients, especially for the more mature clientele.

A uniform tone isn’t required, though, and you can easily mix some brown tones into your black eyelash extensions to give them a subtle brown tinge. A hybrid brown made from different shades mixes the best of both worlds and may create a unique texture for your brown eyelash extensions.

Always, always remember to use clear lash glue when applying your brown eyelash extensions. Less is also definitely more when using glue to affix your brown lash extensions. You know as well as we do that it’s easy to overdo it if you’re not careful in your application, so lean on the light side.

Brown eyelash extensions are often favored because of their natural look, so ensure your mapping reflects this. Choosing a few different lengths and spreading them throughout the set will ensure that your brown eyelash extensions blend in perfectly.

And while those with deep-set eyes may need longer brown eyelash extensions for easier application, those who have hooded eyes may find shorter length lashes are easier to apply. Understanding what lengths to use on different eye types will help you avoid the annoying experience of the edges pinging upwards.

Aftercare for Your Brown Eyelash Extensions

We absolutely cannot forget about aftercare! Nothing makes your lashes last longer than taking proper care of them. And even the most basic aftercare for eyelash extensions will go a long way toward preserving your valuable beauty products that can be expensive to replace, too.

Making changes to your beauty routine, like avoiding oils at all costs, can help ensure your lashes aren’t drenched with liquids that strip them of their beauty and staying power. Carefully wash around your lashes to avoid saturating them in too much liquid — we promise your eyelash extensions don’t need as much hydration as you do, babe!

Are you using a blowdryer for your bangs? Make sure you don’t accidentally fry your brown eyelash extensions by mistake when attending to your other beauty needs. High heat on your eyes can also cause seeing problems and should be avoided for personal safety.

Keeping your extensions clean and gingerly brushing your dark brown lashes after you’ve applied them are the most important steps you can take to enhance your beauty. Brown eyelash extensions are generally easier to maintain than colorful ones, as they don’t always need to be kept as dry as more colorful lashes.

There you have it — brown eyelash extensions! Want to learn more about how to apply these stunning extensions? The Lash Professional has your back, girl. We offer both live and online courses that will teach you all you need to know about creating beautiful lash looks for every client. And don’t forget to stock up on supplies from our lash shop so you never run out of brown or black options!

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