A Guide to Choosing the Best Pre-Made Lash Fan

Lash extensions can help your eyes to appear bigger and brighter with little to no effort! The lash application process is quick and easy. It typically only takes a few hours to accomplish the look of your dreams. Our classic set eyelash extension technique uses the 1:1 ratio for lashing; for every healthy natural lash, an eyelash extension is attached using the lash adhesive. For volume lashes, a cluster of extensions (2-6) are attached to every healthy natural lash. Needless to say, this is a process that requires patience and skill. Your professional eyelash extensions artist needs to pick between multiple lashes, considering their weight, diameter, and length, to create a perfect fan that is an added extension of your natural lash. 

However, by using premade lash fans, the lashing process can be performed with ease. It makes both you and your lash artists’ life easier by saving time without compromising on quality. Continue reading to learn more about the concept of premade lash fans!

What Are Premade Lash Fans?

There are two main types of volume eyelash extensions: handmade or premade. Handmade fans need to be made by the lash artist, while premade fans are manufactured by a supplier using a machine in advance and then sent to lash artists. 

A row of ultra-fine PBT threads are arranged on a lash tray and are combined at their base either by a small amount of glue or heat. They are then rolled into the desired curl, followed by heat-processing to retain the curl. The lash manufacturers then transfer the required amount of thread to the strip to open up the fans by hand.

Finally, they are attached to a strip of adhesive and are shipped out neatly on a tray, along with rows of other premade lashes. Once delivered, the lash artist can dip and place it on individual and isolated eyelashes in the same way as a semi-permanent or classic lash. Although premade lash fans can consist of anywhere between 2 to 16 individual lashes to create the desired lash look, they don’t weigh down or damage the natural lash.

How to Choose the Right Premade Lash Fan

It is important to pick the appropriate premade lash fan for your client based on their desired final look. To achieve perfection, you need to first pick the right curl and favorable bonding method.

The usual range of premade volume fans is from 2D to 16D. This range may be exceeded to achieve a more dramatic look. The number of lashes used in the premade volume fans is denoted by the numerical value, while the D indicates the dimension. The diversity in the premade volume fans is to provide the lash artists with a range of options to meet even the most specific client requests. 

Let’s Look at Each Type in Detail

Natural Volume Lashes

2D or 3D short stem premade lashes are perfect if your client wants to enhance their natural lashes while retaining a natural and light no-makeup look. The volume style premade lash fans have fewer extensions, which makes these the most suitable choice.

Eyeliner Effect

To add more drama and flair, create a natural eyeliner effect with the long stem 4D and 5D eyelash extension. These premade volume lashes are voluminous and can create a show-stopping look in less than two hours.

Very Dramatic Look

The 10D- 16D lash extensions are the best choice when you are wanting to create a glamorous look. These thick lashes are a great option if the clients want to go bold with their extensions.

Glue-Bonded vs. Heat-Bonded Fans

Once you have shortlisted the type of premade volume lashes to work with, the next step would be to choose the desired bonding method.

Glue-Bonded Fans

The pre-fanned, glue-bonded volume lashes use an adhesive to bind the individual lashes together. On the brighter side, the glue-bonded fans are more durable and less likely to fall apart than their heat-bonded counterparts. Although the glue-bonding might add a few micro-milligrams of extra weight to a fan, in no likelihood would it negatively impact your client’s natural lashes?

However, the real problem is that it won’t give good retention as you need to double-dip it in the adhesive. Additionally, using glue bonded fans might make things messy as the glue binding the fan together and the one securing the fan to the base of the natural lash can form clusters.

Heat-Bonded Fans

The heat-bonded volume lashes are affixed together at the bottom using heat. So there is no need to worry about adhesive clumping that possibly can irritate your client’s eyes. While the lighter heat-bonded fans can be molded and maneuvered effortlessly, they still, unfortunately, have a disadvantage. Since there is no adhesive to seal these lashes, they are more likely to fall apart. Also, the exposure to double heat may give them a slightly irregular curl shape. 

Which Curl Would Work Best?

The curl that you choose depends on the angle of your client’s natural lashes. Like dimensions, you have a variety of curl types to choose from. We have picked some of the most popular styles-


This curl is less common among our gorgeous gals who opt for eyelash extensions to give more lift to their lashes. It is the most natural and least curled option that works best for clients with straight lashes that are naturally pointing downwards.


If you want slightly more lift than a J-curl but wish to continue maintaining a conservative look, then this curl is just for you.


The C-curl is the heartthrob for premade lash fans. Do you want to have a wide-eye effect that is not too dramatic? This curl does just that by accentuating your lash line while retaining the natural look.


The next in the popularity circuit is the D-curl, which provides more life than the C-curl. If you are the one aiming to add more oomph and drama to your eyes, then this curl will suit your taste.  

Pros & Cons of Using Premade Lash Fans?

Pros of Using Premade Volume Fans

The greatest benefit for premade fans is that it is a great time saver for clients as well as the lash artist. Applying volume eyelash extensions can be time-consuming for lash artists if it is done using handmade fans. Clients, too, can achieve a fuller look in a shorter time without compromising on the results.

Premade fans are not only more consistent than handmade fans but are also much more efficient. In fact, by using premade fans, you can apply volume lashes in the same amount of time as a classic eyelash extension set. This can be a game-changer as serving more customers can boost your business and generate more income.

Since the process of applying premade fans is relatively easy, professional eyelash extensions technicians would only need to learn the basic lash extension application techniques. They need not go through the procedure of making perfect volume fans but just master the art to apply premade ones successfully. Premade fans are also low maintenance as they retain their shape for a prolonged period of time. 

Cons of Using Premade Volume Fans

Premade lash fans are less adaptable than handmade volume fans. Also, the cost of the procedure increases as premade fans are more expensive than handmade volume fans. Another drawback could be a shorter retention span in comparison to handmade volume fans. Because the base of premade fans is pre-bonded, it becomes difficult to wrap around the natural lash.

Our Conclusion

Although premade lash fans can relieve you from the pain of making your volume fans by hand and fanning them out, choosing the right one for your client’s needs must be your top priority. There are great beauty products available on the market, including individual lashes, but a few things must be considered before you begin the service.

If you’re looking to enhance your natural lashes and take your look to the next level, Wisp Lashes has you covered! We believe in creating a look that’s custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients. Our customers are our top priority, and we are here to provide you with the best customer service possible. So what are you waiting for? Head to our website and book your appointment today!

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