A comfortable lash room for your clients

There is tough competition in every sector; Eyelash extensions are no exception. Lash extensions play a crucial role in elevating your appeal by magnifying the beauty of your eyes. Artificial lashes are applied to your natural lashes using adhesive glue. You need not spend long hours in front of the mirror each morning once you have put on your valuable lash set. But this procedure would require you to visit the lash artist regularly for refilling session.

Why do some people prefer one lash salon over another?

Besides professional skill, what clients are on the lookout for is comfort. To excel and survive in the market it is pivotal to optimize the comfort levels of the clients by providing a luxurious lashing space. Clients have to visit the lash salons regularly for refilling sessions that can last from 2 to 3 hours. Spending such a long time can become an intimidating experience if the lash lounge is not up to the mark. To ensure that your clients keep coming back to you, focus on these aspects in your salon.

1) A comfy Lash Bed or Recliner Chair

It is the most crucial factor when it comes to maximizing the comfort levels of the clients during lashing sessions. Many lash salons opt for massage tables as lash beds for many reasons. Firstly, the bolster near the knee area provides support to the lower back that reduces strain. In addition to this, these beds are equipped with a gear to raise or lower the bed. It can help to keep the bed inclined if the client is not comfortable in the flat position. Moreover, pregnant women who need that extra pampering and care can benefit from this.

Massage tables are durable and made of faux leather that makes them easy to clean. However, you must bear in mind that the cushioning must be appropriate as deflated cushioning can aggravate discomfort. Some artists prefer recliner chairs to lash beds when there is limited space or when they are working from home studios. They can provide a first-class experience to the clients as they offer good support and comfort. Recliner chairs may be uncomfortable at times for overweight clients.

Whether you choose a recliner chair or a massage bed, the level must be convenient for the lash artist to operate without any hassle. The chair or stool that is used by the artist must be of perfect height, offering a good position so that they do not experience pain in the neck or back.

2)  An ideal lash pillow

Needless to say that the pillow used for lashing must be dense and sturdy to provide an appropriate angle for the artist to work. But at the same time, it must be soft enough so that it does not compromise on the client’s comfort that is primitive. A pillow that has a removable and washable cover is recommended for hygiene. A pillow liner can also be used if a pillow cover is not possible.

There are two good options we suggest:

  • Lash cloud pillow – This pillow is suitable for the clients as well as the lash technician. It provides good support for the client’s head and neck along with providing a good angel for the lash artist. The artist can place the lash tile on the sides of the pillow that is at the same height as the client’s eye level. It helps to reduce the time to place the extensions onto the natural eyelashes.
  • U-shaped pillow – The U-shaped design of the pillow restricts too much movement of the client’s head. The elevated flat portions on the two sides are conducive to place the lash supplies for easy access, thus reducing time and effort. If the lash bed is smaller in size this pillow would fit perfectly.

3) Blankets

A soft and fluffy blanket can make the client feel so much at home. It can give a snug warm feeling and prevent them from being cold during the long-lasting sessions. You can select some vibrant tones and designs to add some color to your studio. Fresh blankets must be provided to each client if possible.

4) Heating Pads

By providing these special services, your clients will feel more valued. Your efforts will make you stand out among the rest and, your clients will appreciate it to the core. A table warmer is one way to achieve this. The constant warmth offers a feeling of cosines and prevents the clients from getting too cold. Adjust the temperature according to the liking of each client.

5) Perfect Lighting

The room must be well illuminated with natural or artificial light. You can have the lash bed placed near a huge window to let plenty of natural light. If you do not have the luxury of a window in your lash lounge, choose good lighting that can be adjusted for brightness. Some clients are sensitive to bright lights; you can dim the lights for such clients to make them feel comfortable.

Wisp Lashes is a committed name in the industry that promises to provide a great eyelash extensions experience to its client with convenience and comfort. Our lash lounge in Knoxville is well-equipped with all the facilities to give a luxurious experience to all our clients. Our trained technicians are passionate and skilled to provide the extra level of glamor; whether you are a mom or a dentist or a fashion designer. We want each of our lash queens to return to us with a beautiful smile.

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