Liaison Mascara Bond Review

Mascara Bond is a two-in-one mascara formula that features a super-nourishing lash serum that helps to foster beautiful, long, and noticeably stronger lashes. The Mascara Bond is powered by Growth Bond Complex, which encourages sustained stimulation, and a Liquid Fibre Free Serum, which blends fibers for buildable length + curl, creating a fake-lash effect with no glue. That is NOT THE BEST PART…Liaisons Mascara Bond comes with the proprietary Growth Bond Formula, which literally conditions and activates root growth to promote longer, healthier lashes. Liaisons Mascara Bond is spread evenly and has a non-flagging fiber solution to ensure your lashes are stunning throughout the day. 

Like Liaison, FetishEyes offers extra peptides that will help to moisturize and condition your lashes. The mascaras Volume-Enhancement is perfect to help your lashes appear fuller and fuller. For that reason, Eyelash Growth Serum helps in increasing lashes growth and brings a natural look to them again. That is, if you are trying to grow longer eyelashes, you can still help the natural process by investing in a good serum, which helps reduce the amount of breakage and shedding.   

If you are looking for something thatll really help increase your lashes length, volume, and health, you might consider adding an eyelash serum to your routine. If you are looking to achieve longer, fuller, thicker-looking lashes, consider adding a lash serum to your daily beauty routine. A mascara that doubles as a serum for eyelashes, so you can moisturize and feed essential nutrients to your lashes throughout the day, and look fabulous in the process.

Most reviews for this Liaison serum are taken from Liaisons own site, and they are all positive. The Liaison Lash Bond Serum has received five stars from their fans, reporting both positive and true results. It promises to improve length, volume, and curls on eyelashes, as well as making them stronger and healthier. 

You should use the Liaison Lash Bond Serum every day, applying only a single swipe of the serum on the top row of lashes. Backed by science, Liaison Lash Bond is made from the concept of healing chemical, mechanical, or heat damage caused by eye extensions or makeup: The serum helps to feed the weaker lashes and re-establish natural growth. Science-backed Lash Results Chemical, thermal, or mechanical damage caused by eye extensions, glues, makeup, or applications are nurtured to aid in the restoration of disulfide bonds, so that your lashes and eyebrows can be effectively protected from harm. 

Using false lashes, extensions and glues, or applying several layers of mascara each day may cause your lashes to develop weak bonds. No matter how cautious you are, applying a serum straight onto the lashes line still causes mild irritation. That is because the eye region is so gentle and sensitive, it is not unusual for serums on the lashes to cause irritation. 

The formula triggers the weak bonds of the eyebrows and the lashes, encouraging repairs. How our Nourishing Formula Works: Our Peptide Lash Serum helps to stimulate weak bonds that are still present in your lashes, encouraging natural repairs to get a fuller, healthier, stronger result.  

Now that your lashes are fed and nourished with stronger bonds, growth comes much easier. Your lashes will also become fuller and wavier, until finally you get that curling look you always wanted.  

Peptides enter the hair follicles to spur the lashes to grow, which then strengthens your lashes, making them visibly longer and thicker. Citric acid works well in keeping the eyelashes healthy and fed, but it takes longer at the same time to boost long lashes. The other ingredients ability to promote lashes is a little on the iffy side.  

EPM enzymes appear to be the only ingredients listed to help lashes appear thicker and fuller. EPM enzyme encourages faster lashes growth and helps to activate dormant hair follicles, giving you lusher looking lashes. Unfortunately, FetishEyes does not promise as much growth as Liaison, but still better than a lot of mascaras out there, which can hurt your lashes long-term. Cindy said, The Liaison Growth Serum was supposed to increase my lashes growth, but I feel like it is doing just the opposite.  

Finding results in a lackluster set of lashes, but Annies have magically grown since using this lash growth serum. Best of all, my good friend says that she is starting to use less as her lashes are growing and getting bigger thanks to the growth bonding compound within the mascara. The mascara spreads evenly across her lashes and stays on throughout the day. I continued applying the Mascara Bond afterwards, and my lashes have only grown stronger and healthier. 

Featuring Liaison Mascara Bond uses Peptides to help strengthen the eyelashes and eyebrows, while providing you with all of the rich minerals that lashes and eyebrows need to be consistently stimulated in a healthy way while they build up their natural strength and luster. Liaison Lash Bond Eyelash Growth Serum on Sale – Natural Peptide Lash Enhancer and Booster For Longer, Fuller, Thicker Lashes – Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Talc-Free, and No Irritation Formula #1 EYELASH GROWTH SERIOR – The breakthrough lash growth serum from Liaison Lash Bond amplifies your lashes for longer, fuller, thicker eyelashes. The product comes with a gilded feature 30 days satisfaction guarantee, where customers disappointed in their purchase, they can contact the brand, which will go the extra mile in providing an amazing experience for its customers. The Liaison Team goes through a thorough trial on our products to ensure that you love them just like we do.