Can You Wash Your Face While Wearing Eyelash Extensions?

Did you just get a beautiful new set of eyelash extensions? You must have so many questions. They are an excellent way to aesthetically enhance your natural beauty without you having to add a single drop of makeup. They are relatively affordable to maintain and can last for a good 6 weeks by closely following the eyelash extensions after-care tips from our professional eyelash extensions experts.

Considering the money and time that goes into this beauty trend, you would not want to risk ruining your gorgeous new lashes before your next refill appointment. One of the best ways to extend the life of your eyelash extensions is to know how to wash your face properly.

There are lots of myths that surround this trend. There are some do’s and don’ts that must be followed, but if you maintain a good cleansing regime, it will not only leave your skin feeling clean and rejuvenated but it will also make your lash extensions look as good as new.

Can You Get Your Eyelash Extensions Wet?

The rule for the longevity of eyelash extensions is simple, the longer you retain the lash glue, the more you can prolong the life of your lash extensions.

Water and oil are the biggest culprits that can cause the lash bond to break down and weaken, causing your extensions to fall out prematurely. However, the condition of not wetting only applies to fresh extensions. Once the lash adhesive is completely cured, (experts advise keeping the extensions away from water for at least 24 to 48 hours), you can get your eyelash extensions wet without any hassle.

The lash adhesive is not water-soluble, so once your lashes are completely cured, you can go about your routine; In reality, some amount of water is essential as it helps to rehydrate the natural lash, keeping it healthy and strong. A healthy lash line equals more lash extensions!

Should you wash your face and extensions regularly?

For clean and radiant-looking skin, you need to wash your face properly to remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil that accumulates on your skin. Since your skin naturally produces oil, it can pose a greater problem for those with oily skin, an active lifestyle, or sweat a lot.

If the excess sebum and debris are not removed periodically, it will clog your pores, breaking down the lash adhesive over time, causing your classic eyelash extensions or volume eyelash extensions to fall out prematurely.

Additionally, if you don’t remove the dirt and bacteria from your lashes by washing your face thoroughly, it increases your chances of counteracting an eye infection.

What products should you use when washing your face with eyelash extensions?

Professional eyelash extensions salon advises their clients to wash their eyelash extensions with a cleanser that is free of both oil and alcohol, as both are known to disintegrate the lash glue that binds the extensions to your natural lashes. Use a gentle, oil and alcohol-free cleanser or face wash to wash your face when you have eyelash extensions

Foaming cleansers and face soaps for sensitive skin are the best bet when it comes to eyelash extensions as they are less likely to irritate your eyes than a cream cleanser or gel. You could even use oil-free baby shampoo. Water-based products wreak the least havoc on your beauties.

Before you pick up something from a nearby store, ensure that you have a recommendation from your lash stylist on lash-safe products. Many stylists also advise diluting these products with water to make them a little less harsh on the lashes.

Many clients also use micellar water and are able to maintain excellent retention. Click here to learn everything about using micellar water with eyelash extensions.

How to care for your skin and lash extensions

Follow these simple tips to wash your face with eyelash extensions: 

1. No Exposure to Water for 24 to 48 Hours After Initial Application

As mentioned earlier, this is the most basic precaution that you must take after you get your new set of volume or classic set eyelash extensions. It is pivotal to do so because the glue needs sufficient time to cure properly so that the lashes can adhere to your skin properly. 

2. Avoid Running Water

Washing your face is not forbidden, but you cannot wash your face as you normally do. If you splash water on your face in the sink or allow running water to get on your lashes in the shower, you will end up washing your money down the drain along with your eyelash extensions. 

The trick is to regularly and strategically wash your face, especially in the shower. Using a handheld showerhead is more effective to avoid your face while showering or you can choose to wear goggles in the shower to further safeguard your lashes from moisture. Instead of splashing water on your face in the sink, use a facial cloth or a clean, round facial sponge

3. Remove Your Makeup

Using a round facial sponge you can remove any eye makeup and clean your skin. If you are one of those who can’t ditch using heavy eye makeup even after getting eyelash extensions, then it is best to use an oil-free makeup remover or cloth. You know that oil is a notorious solvent that will prematurely dissolve the lash glue.  Gently use the cloth to remove all makeup from your face, being extra careful around your eye area and lash lines.

4. Wash Your Face in Sections

After your makeup is removed, the next step is to wash your face using a good lash-safe product. Divide your face into two sections: one section runs down from your cheekbones while the other one runs up from your browline. Using your cleanser and water, wash the lower section that runs below the cheekbones just as you normally would, always taking care not to splash water harshly. For a more controlled approach, you can opt for a washcloth instead.

The area above the browline requires more care. For this section, gently cleanse the area by creating a foam with your cleanser. While doing so you must at all costs ensure that nothing drips on your lashes. Next, wet a round facial sponge, squeezing out excess water. Remove the cleanser with the facial sponge, following the same rule that no excess water drips from the sponge onto your eyelashes. Keep repeating this step until all the cleanser is removed. 

5. Pat Dry

You can’t simply rub your face with the towel. You need to be gentle when you have eyelash extensions. Gently pat your face dry with a clean and dry face cloth. Cover the area above and below your eyes, to avoid hitting the lashes.

6. Moisturize Your Face

While avoiding your lash line, use a lash-safe moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and preserve its elasticity. This skincare routine also preserves aging and ensures a vibrant, and youthful appearance. 

7. Use an Eyelash Sealer

Once you are done with the above steps, use an eyelash sealer to protect your eyelash extensions from your skin’s oil secretions and moisture in the air that might naturally begin to gather again once you are done with your skincare routine.

Should You Brush Your Eyelash Extensions When Wet?

When your lashes are wet, water adds extra weight to your lash extensions. If you try using a brush on your wet lash extensions, there is a very high risk of pulling out the extensions accidentally, ruining your beautiful new set. 

You might be tempted to use a hair dryer in the cold setting to dry your lashes quickly, but doing so could inevitably put a strain on the glue, causing your precious lashes to fall out prematurely. 

Similarly, rubbing your lashes dry, no matter how gentle you are, is sure to cause some amount of friction, causing the glue to loosen. Patience is key – just wait until they dry all by themselves

Should You Use Makeup Wipes With Eyelash Extensions?

Makeup wipes containing oils, emollients, and glycols are designed to moisturize the skin but are the lash glue’s natural enemies. These ingredients tend to have the unwanted side effect of loosening the lash adhesive and ruining your lash beauties.

Steer clear from using makeup wipes that are not designed to be especially suited for use with lash extensions. It’s next to impossible to completely avoid the eyes, even if you think that you have, as the ingredients in the wipes will spread across the face.


You can wash your face with eyelash extensions, but you must exercise certain precautions to avoid ruining your new set. At Wisp Lashes, trained professionals offer you lash extension services and many beauty treatments in our plush salon environment. They are experienced, skilled, and passionate about giving each client their desired look, making them step into the world with more confidence. Call us now to schedule your lash appointment!

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