Bloodshot (Red) Eyes After Eyelash Extensions

Side effects on skin and eyes The glue used to stick eyelash extensions to your lashes contains chemicals and ingredients that can be irritating or harmful. Treatments for Side Effects If you find your eyes slightly irritated after having eyelash extensions added, you may want to try some things at home to help alleviate discomfort.   

If you are experiencing extreme eye discomfort or have had an allergic reaction, you should probably have the lashes removed. When applying your lashes extensions, you should make sure that the reds are fully covered prior and throughout your service. Since it may be hard to see if the red is closed fully, many lash professionals use a reflector. 

The most common reason your clients might wake up from a nap on the lashes with red, irritated eyes is that red was not completely sealed in the application process. Eye patches or eyeliner placed too high may result in uncomfortable sensations that can make your client automatically open her eyes. Make sure that eyepatches/tape are not placed too high: You really want to ensure that because if they are pushing into your eyes, that is extremely uncomfortable for the client, as well as potentially reddening. We recommend using the eyelash mirror to check placement of the gel pads, and make sure your eyes are sealed all throughout the application.  

If you position the gel pad too high above your eyeline, it may snag and push against your eyes, which could cause irritation or microtears to your eyelids, which could be mistaken for an allergic reaction. Often, glue will run down your eyelids or inside your eyes, which may trigger a reaction. If an eyelash technician does not properly cover the lower row of lashes, or raises the top eyelid too much while performing this procedure, glue fumes may reach mucous membranes.  

If the eyelash stylist correctly applies an extended piece of glue either to the eyelid skin or the roots, the extension may damage the mucous membrane. Poorly attached extensions not only can be uncomfortable on a daily basis, they also can harm your natural lashes, and can break them off and fall off prematurely. If a Lash Extension is improperly attached, then it may cause pain and irritation on the eyelids. 

Improper Attachment Improperly attached eyelash extensions may cause everyday discomfort and even permanent lash damage. An allergic reaction may occur to the eyelash extensions, either one eye or both eyes. The real signs of allergic reactions are swelling and inflammation in the eyes and lids, this is also seen in both eyes, not just one. 

Typical symptoms include redness, itching, and swelling occurring either on the lids or the eyes themselves. If you have any serious symptoms, like extreme swelling, pain, or itching on the eyelids or eyes, talk to your healthcare provider. If you have bloodshot red eyes the day after an appointment, or feel irritated, you should visit your optometrist.  

If your eyes get bloodshot red or feel itchy after an appointment, you may be dealing with an infection caused by over-applied eyelashes glue. If you feel a sting whenever you wet your eyes, it is also a sign that there is too much glue residue.  

Vapor may also cause irritation to mucous membranes if eyelids are not closed tight enough when being treated, or if a client opens their eyes. Over-pulling of the lower lid while applying patches, resulting in a customer who cannot keep their eyes closed tight, subjecting them to irritating vapours. It is also essential that you keep your eyes closed throughout the procedure so you do not let glue or glue vapors get in your eyes. Red eyes after your surgery may be due to the insufficient sealing of your lower eyelashes.   

Irritation and redness of the eyes may result from an eyelash technician gluing an artificial or natural eyelash on top of two natural eyelashes. In a small 2012 study, researchers found that participants had allergic reactions that involved either the eyes or eyelids because of glue or duct tape the cosmetologist used to stick on eyelash extensions. If you feel discomfort, like itching, burning, or teary eyes when you are having your eyelash extensions applied, stop the procedure to evaluate your response.  

Give your clients the best possible care using these simple tips. A cold compress is more of a band-aid solution to red eyes following eyelash extensions; however, it will keep the client comfortable while they start their healing process. If a clients red eyes continue longer than two or three days, or if there are extreme allergic reactions, the client should get professional medical assistance from a medical provider. In most cases, allergy-type eye drops, cold compresses, Benadryl, and topical creams should address the clients red eyes.  

If a client has dry skin, or if seasonal conditions are contributing, you will want to prepare your clients eye area with a protective cream, and clean your client off after your treatment using the TLC cleanser, which is sulfate-free and does not strip your skin or eyelashes of any natural moisture. If you have checked to make sure that your client is sealed in, but still experiencing redness and itching, try switching to the NovaLashs Sensitive Eyes Lash Glue. Also, at this time, you should offer the clients complimentary eyelash removal in order to prevent any additional eye irritation. I used gel debonder and was worried about the lashes being removed because I did not want to worsen my eyes.  

I messaged the woman doing my eyelashes, she said that you need to use eye drops VERY often, if redness continues, maybe I am allergic to the glue that she uses, and she will take off my lashes and put a fresh pair back in. She said that the eyelashes and lids felt okay, but the eyes were really bloodshot. I had just taken my first shower since getting the extensions, and when I got them wet, my bloodshot eyes burned.