Wearing Concealer with Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can be a great way to add a little extra volume to your natural lashes! The biggest perk of having lash extensions is the ability to look great without having to go through the hassle of putting on daily lashes. 

However, there’s a common misconception that applying under-eye concealer can harm your lash extensions. 

Lucky for you, we have plenty of tips and tricks to ensure that your lash extensions stay as voluminous and beautiful as the day you got them! 

For many women, applying concealer is an essential part of their daily makeup routine. 

This concealer can highlight your under-eye and helps to mask unwanted dark circles, acne scars, and skin discoloration. 

One of the biggest questions we are asked is whether or not you’re able to wear concealer after getting your lash extensions. This is a big concern for those who get this beauty treatment. 

The answer is yes, but what matters is the type of concealer that is used, the application process, and the removal.

Best Concealers to Wear

Oil-Free Concealers

Oil-free concealers are non-greasy and blend seamlessly. This makes the application and blending process almost too easy. Oil-free concealers are long-lasting on the skin and highly crease-resistant, creating an effortless look that lasts all day long!

Creamy Concealers

The opaque texture of creamy concealers gives significantly more under-eye coverage in comparison to other liquid concealers. They are great when it comes to concealing any unwanted pigment or discoloration under your eyes.

Stick Concealers

Liquid concealers can take a little extra time to set under your eyes. They may come in contact with your lash extensions and break down the glue.

 Stick concealers tend to be thicker than liquid and do an excellent job covering blemishes. This can help to create the gorgeous natural glow you’re looking for. 

The application of this concealer is very straightforward. All you have to do is apply a dime size of the product and blend it evenly below the under-eye. Although stick concealers are free of oil, you should not use them as a base on your eyelids as they may accidentally get on your lashes.

Powder Concealers

Powder concealers can be used with a classic set of eyelash extensions or our volume eyelash extensions. You can use them either as a concealer for your under eyes or a base for your eyeshadow. 

Powder concealers are easy to apply. They are incredibly light and blend easily into your skin!

Concealers Not to Wear

It is essential to pay attention to the ingredients of the make-up products that are being used around your eyes when you have lash extensions. The lifespan and appearance of the eyelash extensions can be negatively impacted if you’re using the wrong kind of product. 

Oil-based concealers

When it comes to extensions, one of the most important things is to avoid oil-based concealers. Experts suggest bypassing makeup products containing any sort of oil. 

The oil acts as a solvent in dissolving the glue used when applying the lash extensions. Oil-based concealers wreak havoc on your eyelash extensions and can weaken your lash bonding, which results in premature shedding. 

Water-proof Concealers

Water-proof concealers themselves do not cause issues for your lash extensions. However, removing the concealer would require you to use an oil-based make-up remover. 

Removing the concealer after a long day with an oil-based make-up remover is a sure way to dissolve your lash glue. This increases the risk of your lash extensions falling out faster.

Concealer Application 

Investing in the right application tools is the first step to ensure that your concealer is applied correctly. Using quality brushes and beauty blenders is vital. They give you the ability to apply your concealer precisely and smoothly, preventing unnecessary tugging and rubbing of your lash extensions. Don’t forget to add a magnifying mirror to your shopping list as well!

When applying your concealer as a base for your eyeshadow, tilt your head backward and carefully apply the product to your eyelids using a small angle brush. To avoid creating a mess, use concealer sparingly and keep the brush away from your lash extensions.

Using a cosmetic sponge or flat brush, apply the concealer to your under-eye. Carefully blend the concealer into your skin. Give your concealer a few minutes to dry to avoid staining your extensions.

Concealer removal with eyelash extensions

As we mentioned earlier, oil-based makeup removers are off-limits with eyelash extensions as they dissolve the glue.

Use only oil-free makeup removers as they are lash-friendly and do not leave any remnants on your under-eye. Pre-soaked make-up removers that are oil-free should always be your go-to for concealer removal. 

Follow these steps if your concealer happens to touch your extensions during concealer application: 

Soak a lash comb in your oil-free make-up removerUsing a paper towel, remove the excess liquidLet the make-up remover cover the eyelash extensions completely to dissolve the concealerWhen finished, gently comb out the residueUsing an oil-free cleanser wash your face thoroughlyDry your extensions and gently brush them using a spoolie 

Common mistakes to avoid when removing your concealer

Using make-up wipes

Make-up wipes contain oils that damage your extensions. If you use them to remove concealer, especially around your eyes, then your extensions have a much bigger chance of falling off early. Ensure that you never apply the concealer too close to the lash line, as its removal process can become tricky.

Tugging on or rubbing your extensions

Using a paper towel or cloth to remove concealer that might have got on your extensions can apply excess pressure. This can damage your extensions. Tugging at your eyelash extensions is not recommended if you want your lashes to last.

Rubbing your eyes is also not recommended when removing concealer from your extensions. Doing so can cause damage to your lashes. Instead, remove dirt from your extensions by using a lash brush and oil-free make-up remover.


Avoiding runny liquid and oil-based concealers is crucial to ensuring you get the most out of your eyelash extensions. Instead, choose concealers that stick solely to your under-eye and not your extensions!

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