Should You Clean Your Eyelash Extensions With Micellar Water?

Do you know why most makeup removers are oil-based? Initially, the best way to remove makeup was with the use of oil. But unfortunately, oil and eyelash extensions do not mix well as it is a solvent that dissolves the glue used to bond your extensions to your natural lashes.

Micellar Water is an excellent choice for those with eyelash extensions, as it is the safest way to clean your fabulous extensions.  Oil-free micellar water attracts oil and other ingredients found in makeup products, making it an effective makeup remover. Make sure you read the ingredient list printed on your skin-care products so you don’t end up accidentally dissolving your lash glue. 

Our professional lash technicians want you to know why micellar water is the best option for lash extensions and how to use this product to clean them properly. Continue reading to learn more!

Why Micellar Water is the Best Option For Extensions

Micellar water, commonly known as soft water, is an excellent multi-purpose cleansing product. It works wonders to remove any kind of stubborn makeup, due to the proportion of ingredients in micellar water. It contains two essential ingredients- purified water and mild surfactants (cleansing compounds). Mixing these small surfactant molecules causes them to remain suspended, creating microscopic spheres called micelles.

Micelles have attraction power similar to magnets. They pull dirt and oil towards them. Even the most challenging makeup products soften and wash off when you apply micellar water.

Micellar water is the safest way to clean your classic lashes or volume eyelash extensions without damaging them. Although oil-infused micellar water can weaken the strength of the lash glue, the water-based product is completely safe.

It’s important to note that if the surfactants present in micellar water are left behind on the skin after use, people with sensitive skin may experience problems such as breakouts and dry skin. Therefore, if you struggle with sensitive skin, it’s advised that you avoid using micellar water altogether.

Steps To Clean Eyelash Extensions with Micellar Water

Once you have purchased the right micellar water, the next step is to start using it! This product does not cause any damage to your extensions or cause them to shed prematurely.

If you love applying mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, or any type of eye makeup, follow this guide on using micellar water to properly remove makeup products without damaging your fabulous classic set of eyelash extensions.

The first thing you need to do is target the area around your eyes. Using the micellar water, remove facial makeup in that area without coming into contact with the false lashes. Next, use an eyelash brush (it must be lint-free, fluffy, and soft), gently apply the micellar water to your lash extensions. Wet the makeup brush with a few drops of micellar water and dab it carefully over different parts of your eyelashes.Gently move the brush on top and beneath the eyelash extensions so that the micellar water absorbs into them.Do not scrub, tug or rub your lashes harshly while cleaning, as it can impact the strength of the lashes. This can make your eyelash extensions fall out prematurely. With a mascara wand, you can begin to detangle the lashes. Hold the mascara wand beneath the lashes and gently comb it in an upward motion.While using a mascara wand, you must simultaneously use a blow dryer or mini fan to complete the drying process. Make sure that you use your blow dryer on a cool setting, keeping it a few inches away from your lashes to avoid putting any extra pressure on the lash bond.Once you’ve finished, there’s no rush to wash off micellar water since it is devoid of any oil or other residues and is completely safe for eyelash extensions.With anything, it’s always advised that you try out the product on a less-sensitive part of your body before using the product on your lashes. In addition, we recommend doing a patch test to ensure that you’re not allergic to any of the product’s ingredients.After the patch test, if you feel any uncomfortable burning or tingling, it’s best to stop using the product. In some cases, an allergy might occur even after doing a patch test. If this is the case, remove the product from your skin as soon as possible using water.


Your eyelash extensions are sensitive, which makes it extremely important that you use products that won’t harm them. By using Micellar Water to cleanse your lashes, you avoid your extensions coming into contact with oil and compromising the lash glue. To prolong the life of your lashes and increase the time in between refills, it’s essential to pay attention to the products you’re using on them. 

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