Saturday Surfing, March 13, 2021

Saturday Surfing, March 13, 2021

Good morning and happy Saturday, friend! I read earlier this week that lavender nail polish is going to be a “thing” this spring, and so of course my first thought was, “Isn’t lavender polish always a thing?” My second thought was, “LET’S DO THIS.”

Hence, the small parade o’ purple polish at the top. I’m learning toward Fauntleroy at the moment…

Do you have a favorite lavender polish? If you do, I would love to hear about it!

This week’s reading…

  • Do you really need a base AND a top coat?
  • How to build a makeup capsule collection/
  • 11 ways to defend yourself against a cat!!
  • Apparently, lavender is the new nude.
  • Note to self: I love these floors.


This looks pretty and easy.

I realize this is all about the makeup but THE HAIR! Epic.

You know I love me some Erin.

Looking forward to sweating to this ASAP.

Yes, please.

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