Mink Eyelashes: What You Need to Know

What better way to look gorgeous without make-up than opting for lash extensions? The best part for ladies who are aficionados of this beauty therapy is that looking beautiful is not limited to special occasions. Eyelash extensions allow you to feel fabulous without much effort even when you wake up early in the morning.

There are many different types of eyelash extensions available in the market; mink, silk, and faux mink. But real mink eyelash extensions are the crème de la crème of them all. They are renowned for their natural fluttery-looking appearance.

Do you want to know everything about mink eyelashes? Read on

What are real mink lashes?

The natural fur that is used from the tail of minks, particularly Siberian mink or Chinese mink is what we call real mink lashes. Manufacturers vow that the animals are not harmed in any way during the extraction of fur. Their tails are gently brushed to collect the fur that is sanitized and dyed before being packaged.

Although technology has made it possible to make soft and thin plastic fibers comparable to human eyelashes, they are generally stiffer to touch than the God-given natural lashes. A person with an educated eye can easily spot that you are wearing falsies. On the other hand, since real mink lashes are sourced naturally they are softer, more flexible, and more realistic looking than their synthetic counterparts. For an incredibly natural look, that closely matches natural human lashes, real mink eyelash extension devotees would only vouch for real mink eyelashes. 

If you compare the prices, mink lashes are way too expensive, but the high quality and natural look make them the top choice for many clients. It is the sole reason why numerous celebs have relied on mink lashes.

What are mink lashes?

With the numerous varieties of lash extensions available in the market, it can become confusing to choose the right lashes. Mink eyelash extensions are the most popular lash types used by lash artists today. They are made with a synthetic material called PBT. What makes PBT the best choice for eyelash extensions is that it does not deform for long time post-processing and it has excellent shape. In addition to this, it has phenomenal heat and chemical resistance.

The word mink tends to confuse many people as they believe that the lashes are made from animal hair. Mink lashes are completely vegan and cruelty-free. It is their soft texture similar to animal mink hair that gives them their name. To prevent confusion, some brands call it faux mink. 

What is the difference between silk lashes and mink lashes?

Both these lashes are made from synthetic PBT, but the main variation is in their shape, weight, and finish. 1/3 rd of mink lashes are tapered, providing a dark, full finish. While in silk lash the main body of the lash appears thinner than mink lashes. Only 2/3 rd of the lash is tapered, giving a soft natural look.

What is the difference between flat lashes and mink lashes?

Again the main material used in both these lashes remains synthetic PBT. The difference is in their shape and weight. Flat lashes have a flat, inverted oval shape, whereas mink lashes have a round shape. Although the flat shape of the flat lashes allows the lash extensions to fit perfectly with the natural lashes, they are not ideal for volume lash extensions.

Why are mink lashes called versatile?

For the entire history of eyelash extensions, mink lashes are loved for their versatility. Let’s look at the type of mink lashes:

Classic mink lashes

For added length and darkness, classic mink eyelashes are a fantastic choice. Clients who prefer a less dramatic and more natural look opt for a clean and elegant classic lash set. The lash artist attaches one classic lash to each healthy natural lash. Choose the thickness of the mink eyelashes depending on the health of the natural lash. Extensions in a classic lash set are between .10 mm and .015mm.

Volume mink lashes

Create a show-stopping volume lash set with mink lashes. It is easy to wiggle and roll out lash fans due to the round base of mink eyelashes. In volume lash extensions, handmade extension fans adhere to one natural lash. As each fan consists of 3-5 eyelash extensions, the result is a more dramatic and fluffier look. When clients have missing or sparse lashes, volume lash extensions are the best bet to give them fuller, dreamy-looking eyes. The thickness of the extensions used to create the fans for a volume lash set is in the range of 0.03mm to 0.05mm.

Color mink lashes

In addition to these two basic types, you can experiment by mixing color mink lashes with black lashes. The subtle color gradation is apt for a mesmerizing look!

Bottom mink lash extensions

By adding mink lashes to the bottom lash line, you can obtain more definition and make your eyes look wider. It helps to generate a cohesive look by adding more length, making the lash extensions more noticeable.

What’s in the name?

We like to clear this one point once and for all! All eyelash extensions (mink, silk, cashmere, sable, or velvet) are of synthetic PBT, except real mink eyelashes. These are different names used by different brands to figure out the softness and textures of the lashes.

Some lash brands refer to mink lashes as royal sable. Likewise, for flat eyelash extensions, some brands name it cashmere lash, while others call it ellipse lash. Since lash brands use different names for the same product, it is our sincerer appeal that you must read the product description before you venture into purchasing a new type of eyelash extension. You might end up spending on something you already have!


Which mink eyelashes are the best for you depends totally on your preference and the health of your natural lashes. For a rewarding experience, visit Wisp Lashes, the best eyelash extensions salon in Knoxville. We provide mink lashes that are compatible with your taste and needs. So are you ready to get your mink eyelashes today? Just Google eyelash extension near me and book an appointment with us now!

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