Here’s How to Properly Whiten Your Teeth on Your Own

Have your teeth lost their shiny, white color? Are they gray, yellow, or with some unexplained shades? Depending on your lifestyle, there are many causes of tooth discoloration. Some of these causes include tobacco smoking, taking colored drinks, and some common foods. Teeth discoloration also happens when you age. Fortunately, there are several teeth remedies you can use at home to bring the white color back. Although some methods are yet to be approved, they work significantly to lighten your teeth. There are also a few clinically approved methods by dentists. This article will discuss some of the effective approved methods you can try. Here is the list.

Tooth whitening - before and after

Use A Tooth-Whitening Kit

Do you know that there are some effective tooth-whitening kits you can buy and use at home? Other than using the traditional unapproved methods, you can purchase the kit which removes the stains and restores your teeth’ natural color. As mentioned by the professionals at Advance Whitening, these kits have active ingredients and come with a powerful formula to whiten the teeth. This formula is very active and gives better results within minutes when used correctly. Individuals who have used the whitening kits have recorded positive results terming it as quick to use and very effective in restoring the teeth’s color. Some of these kits involve wearing a tray with the gel, while others contain a peroxide-gel, which you will use to brush your teeth.

Home Whitening Strips

If you are having some temporary discoloration of your teeth, you can use the strips to restore their natural color. How do the strips work? The strips are thin, not-easily visible, and contain a whitening gel that works on your teeth to remove the stains. You will have to wear the strips for at least a week to achieve satisfying results. In a few days, you will note your teeth becoming lighter and eventually retain their previous color. However, the method isn’t that long-lasting. You will need to repeat the procedure in a few months to come, depending on your lifestyle. Although the results are not that better than the kits, the strips are more manageable to use and most effective for individuals with weak teeth.

Toothpaste And Rinses

You probably have come across teeth whitening toothpaste and rinses in supermarkets and other retail stores. Are they effective? While some do not produce satisfying results, we have whitening toothpaste and rinses, which effectively clean your teeth. You only need to buy the toothpaste from recommended brands. The toothpaste and rinses contain chemicals, abrasives, and polishing agents that remove stains from your teeth, leaving you with shiny, white teeth. These products work best compared to bleaches since they don’t tamper with your teeth’ enamel. It is essential to check on reviews before purchasing any of the products.

Using tooth whitening toothpaste

Try The Home Remedies

There are several home remedies you can try for natural, white teeth. One of the old methods still in use is by brushing your teeth with baking soda. It helps to remove the stubborn stains, which won’t go away when using regular toothpaste. Another remedy is by taking some fruits and vegetables, which helps to clean and whiten your teeth. Vegetables and fruits such as celery, carrots, apples, pears, and others enhance saliva production, helping clean the teeth’ food particles. They also fight germs that discolor or make the teeth decay. You can also chew sugar-free gums, which triggers the production of saliva in your mouth. 

Take The Precautionary Measures

It is easier to take precautions than repair the already damaged teeth. Unfortunately, you will still experience stained teeth due to lifestyle changes, but not in a significant way. As we continue living, the tooth enamel becomes weaker and yellower. Most of the foods we take, including junk and sugary drinks, damage our teeth more. It is crucial to avoid these sugary foods and any colored drinks to preserve your teeth. Extra precaution should be taken when one undergoes teeth whitening since the tooth enamel will be weak until after some days.

Another thing you should avoid altogether is tobacco smoking. Tobacco contains a brown tartar substance that damages the enamel and stains your teeth. In prolonged smoking, you will endure decayed teeth and other serious ailments. Try as much to maintain your teeth naturally and brush them to avoid decaying impurities that cause staining and tooth decay.

Before considering the above methods, you have to change your habits, which damage your teeth. Some of these habits, including smoking and taking sugary foods, cause irreversible damages. Follow the above measures to restore your teeth. All the processes listed above are affordable, and you can do them at home. They will give you satisfying results once you apply them as required.*


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