Grandelash Eye Color Change

It is safe to say that you may experience changes in your eye color while using the Grandelash Serum, since the Grandelash contains prostaglandins. Although Grande Cosmetics does not mention darkening of irises as one of the side effects of the Grandelash serum, it is safe to point out that this serum might change your eyes color, but not necessarily. Some eyelash serum formulations may clearly alter your eyes color, or, at least, darken the skin surrounding the eyes.  

Grandelash serum works by stimulating melanin pigments, resulting in darker-colored lashes, but some darkness in the skin around the eyes as well. Blue eyes really have no melanin, so their color is not altered by a lash serum. Apply their Enhanced Lash Serums on the roots of the lashes only, because applying it to your lashes hairs would result in potential changes to the color of the eyes.    

Remember, you are applying it on your closest skin area to the lashes — your lash roots — not your actual lashes. Make sure to apply your product to the skin below the lower eyeline, and NOT your waterline. Refrain from using its Advanced Lash Serums to your lower lashes, because they can irritate your sensitive eye region and cause color changes. Keeping your eye area clean will prevent color changes, as it will remove any unrelated materials on your lashes that could hinder it from absorbing into the roots of your lashes completely.    

Understand that the serum for eyelashes, which does not have any of those potentially damaging ingredients for changing your eyes color, is not proven to grow your lashes any longer. While these serums will condition your lashes and may give you a fuller, bushier look, it is important to note that they are not proven to grow your lashes longer. If you stop using a serum entirely, your lashes go back to their usual length. Just know that all the side effects listed on the Latisse box can also occur with the Beauty Lash Serum (except for things like coconut oil, which does not actually make lashes grow in any case).    

Rare though it is, a permanent change to your eye colour is not something you want to chance, so definitely worth considering if you are considering trying out a lash serum. Many reviews on the brand Doing The Brand Change Eye Color on Reddit point to the fact that its enhanced lashes serums are inviting undesirable situations, such as changing the colour of the eyes, due to the key ingredient, which goes by the name prostaglandins. While the brand has put down an absolute “no” to questions regarding their advanced lash serum, users repeatedly pointed to the consistent complaints of the formula changing the color of their eyes.    

Since then, one of the ingredients used by GrandeLASH Grande Cosmetics has been proven to cause a darker color change to eyes. GrandeLASH has also been reported to cause darkening of the external color of the iris, particularly in users with hazel eyes and green eyes. GrandeLASH has been reported to result in a darker iris color outside the eyes, particularly in users with hazel eyes. GrandeLASH has been shown to darken the color of eyes because the serums concentration of synthetic versions of prostaglandin analogs, which darken green and brown eyes.    

While the drop from Glaucoma lengthens the lashes, studies show that placing the serum in the eyes causes darkening of eye color. OTC eyelash serums may even potentially alter eye color, as noted by Muneeb Shah on a recent Instagram post. If you have lighter-colored eyes, think about some other options to boost those lashes.    

Our choice, the GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum, helps to contribute to a fuller-looking look. With the GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serums nourishing ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, L-Proline, and Glycosaminoglycans, GrandeLASH-MD is designed not only to strengthen eyebrows, but also to protect, condition, and moisturize them. Grande Cosmetics is a one of the leaders in the lash serum business, and their GrandeLASH Eyelash Enhancing Serum contains a mix of amino acids, vitamins, and peptides to help encourage long, full-looking lashes.    

Grande Cosmetics, which provides Grandelash, markets it as a safe product that does not cause any colour changes on the eyeslids. It is important to note that their eyelash-enhancing serum, GrandeLASH, is dermatologist-tested and approved by eye doctors, and has not identified it as a potential side effect; however, since GrandeLASH does indeed contain an analogue of the prostaglandins, a color change in your eyes is a possible, though rare, side effect. If you have pale-brown, amber, or grayish-brown eyes, please check with your doctor before using Grandelash because the chances that you will experience a change in colour are extremely likely. If you have amber, light-brown, grayish-brown, or any other eye color types mentioned above, it is important to take a few into account when using Grandelash serum, in order to help minimize iris darkening, as the product reacts with melanin in your eyes.  

By all means, opt for a lash-enhancing, safer serum like RapidLash, but always check your ingredients list for bimatoprost — the chemical responsible for color changes when transferred into the eyes. Latisse, the only prescription lash serum, contains bimatoprost, which is a prostaglandin analog that has been shown to have potential to increase the number of lashes.    

Tripathi, the plastic surgeon, notes a host of side effects may arise with this lash-growth product, such as changes to the persons eye color and reduced eye-fat. Tripathi went on to explain that while losing the monolids might appeal to some women, using the drug-based lash serum often results in an asymmetrical loss of fat around the eyes (Read more on this –> Click Here). By trapping the moisture and hydration, you will begin to see healthier looking lashes.