Eyelash Growth Cycles: A Guide for Lash Artists

eyelash growth cycles

As lash artists, losing lashes is the last thing we want! But did you know that we actually lose lashes regularly during the eyelash growth cycle? That’s right — every few months, you grow a whole new set of beautiful, natural lashes! If you’re wondering how this growth cycle works or how you can promote healthy natural lashes during this cycle, we’ve got you covered. We hope you’re ready to learn because class is in session!

Eyelash Growth Cycles

Ready for a biology lesson, babes? We’ve got the rundown on eyelash growth cycles. At any given point, your eyelashes are in one of three phases — Anagen, Catagen, or Telogen. Let’s take a look at each one and what these mean for growing those stunning natural lashes we all dream of.

Anagen Phase

The Anagen phase, or the active growth phase, is where your eyelashes begin to bloom. Your natural lashes are using a blood supply to fuel their active growth during this stage of the eyelash growth cycle. Only a small portion of your lashes will be in this phase at one time, which is why your lashes still hold their luscious look. The Anagen phase can last anywhere from 4-10 weeks, giving your lashes a chance to grow to their full potential.

Catagen Phase

During the Catagen phase of the eyelash growth cycle, your eyelashes have reached their full length and stop growing by shrinking the hair follicle and detaching from the fuel supply. Your lashes will stay in this transition phase for about 2-3 weeks before moving to the final phase of the eyelash growth cycle.

Unfortunately, in the instance that a lash falls out or is removed during the Catagen phase, the eyelash will be unable to grow back until the cycle finishes and the Anagen phase begins again. That’s why lash artists have to be so careful with lashes because we never know when they’re in this transition phase!

Telogen Phase

In the final phase of the eyelash growth cycle, your lashes live out their final days before the Anagen phase begins again. This is known as the Telogen phase and lasts about 4-8 weeks. In this shedding phase, your newly grown natural eyelashes begin to slowly fall out of the hair follicle in order to make room for new lashes. If you notice your lashes falling out all on their own, don’t stress! It’s just the Telogen phase working its magic.

Tips for Growing Healthy Eyelashes

Whether you’re trying to grow your own stunning set of natural lashes or looking to offer advice to your loyal clients, we have a few favorite tips and tricks to growing long, luscious lashes during the natural growth cycle!

Invest in a Lash Serum

It never hurts to give our lashes a little help in the growing department! Investing in an eyelash serum or offering this high-quality lash product to your clients can promote beautiful lashes throughout the eyelash growth cycle. The Golden Rule when it comes to lash serum? Make sure you know what’s in the lash serum! If you wouldn’t put it on your own lashes, you won’t want your clients using it either. Research the best brands of eyelash serum and understand when to use it before applying.

Avoid Rubbing or Pulling on Lashes

You never know what growth phase your lashes are in, and the last thing you want is to damage your lashes or experience lash loss by being too rough with your natural eyelashes! Avoid any harsh movements against your natural lashes, such as rubbing away makeup or pulling at your lashes as you apply a serum.

Thoroughly Remove Makeup

And when we say thoroughly, we also mean gently! Makeup build-up in your lashes can stunt the growth of your natural lashes and prohibit the eyelash growth cycle from functioning properly. We know you love applying that mascara for a dramatic night-out look, but make sure that you carefully and thoroughly wash it off at the end of the night before your head hits the pillow!

Follow All Lash Aftercare Steps

As lash pros, we know just how to take care of natural lashes and eyelash extensions alike! But sometimes, our clients could use a little help with knowing just how to handle their new lashes. Luckily, we’ve created a downloadable lash template that you can hand out to all your clients! This guide comes equipped with an eyelash growth cycle explanation and the best lash aftercare steps to keep eyelashes happy and healthy!

Your clients rely on you to know your stuff, so hopefully, this eyelash growth guide can help you explain why caring for your natural lashes is so important! Interested in learning more about all things lashes? Check out our eyelash extension classes to become the most knowledgeable lash babe in town!

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