Do’s And Don’ts Of Eyelash Extensions: Prevent Lashes From Falling Out

Eyelash extensions are the newest obsession in the beauty industry that lets you have effortlessly fluttery, long, and gorgeous lashes in no time. It is a boon for all those ladies who have stubby, sticky, or thin lashes. Although the lash extensions maintenance concept may sound daunting, in reality, it is completely manageable as long as you take all the necessary precautions.

Before taking a plunge into the lash world, let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of eyelash extensions.


Go to a certified lash artist

Your health is precious, and there must be no compromise when it comes to your well-being. Consulting certified lash professionals ranks amongst the most important things to keep in mind. The lash technicians are trained to attach the lash extensions onto your natural lashes using the lash glue. Since they work around the eye, which is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, you must opt for the best. The lash salons must maintain strict hygiene and disinfection procedures to zero any chances of infection. Don’t feel shy to ask your lash artist to show their certification and registration.

Wait for at least 24 hours before you wet your extensions

The lash adhesive takes approximately 24 hours to cure completely. Although over the years, curing time has significantly reduced with improvisations to the lash adhesive. During this time, the lash extensions must be kept safe from water or heat to avoid incomplete curing of the lash adhesive.

Don’t go to the gym, tanning appointment, or for your facial on the same day you get your new lash set. Sweat and steam render the same impact on your extensions as water.

Clean your lashes regularly

Do you know the reason for our eyes blinking during the day? The eye secretions are removed through blinking. These secretions are not discarded from the eye during the night as you don’t blink while sleeping. This mucus pile-up can create a rheum or eye gunk. 

This eye gunk needs to be cleaned thoroughly once you wake up. Failing to do so, the gunk can harden to form crusts that can block up your lash follicle’s oil passage. If such debris piles up, it can hinder your lash growth and might even lead to lash mites.

Thus, it becomes imperative to take care of your eyelash extensions by washing them with a lash-safe cleanser after swimming, working out, bathing, and as a part of your everyday routine. Think about your unwashed hair for two weeks! Eeeks! Your lash extensions will be in the same state if you don’t wash them every other day to get rid of the germs, dirt, and debris that build upon the lashes.

While washing your lashes is pivotal, keeping them dry after getting them wet is equally essential. If the lash extensions are overexposed to water or moisture, it can cause the lash adhesive to break down, leading to premature fallout. Gently wipe the lashes and then use a spoolie to brush through your lashes.

Brush your lashes

Brush your lashes whenever possible to keep them looking perfect and clean. It is natural for your eyelash extensions to tangle or mess up when you have been running around the entire day. Keep a spoolie or mascara wand handy to prevent stress on your lashes and prevent your natural lashes from growing in the wrong direction.

Sleep on a silk pillow cover

Cotton entangles your hair and twists it from the roots. Additionally, it sucks the oil from your lashes, leaving them dry and brittle. It makes your lashes susceptible to break easily. How can you resolve this issue? Ditch cotton, choosing a non-abrasive, friction-free material such as silk for your pillow cover.

Protect your lashes from heat

Another foe of your lash extensions is excessive heat. When your lashes are exposed to excessive sunlight, they dry out, eventually falling out. We know that we can’t ask you not to step out in the sun, but you can certainly wear sunglasses. A better option would be to use polarized sunglasses as they help keep your lashes cool by preventing them from heating up. Similarly, hot baths, steams, or saunas can affect the strength of the lash bond significantly. Prolonged exposure to heat is detrimental, but short intervals of steam don’t pose any threat.


Refrain from using lash unsafe products

Beauty products containing oils and alcohols can have a disastrous effect on your extensions as they will break down the lash glue that binds the eyelash extensions to your natural lashes. Talk to your lash expert and use the beauty products that won’t affect the longevity of your extensions.

Avoid letting hair products seep into your lashes; tilt your head back in the shower so that hair oil, shampoos, and conditioners don’t wash into your lash line. Ensure that the hair products are oil-free.

Applying mascara with your volume or classic set eyelash extensions is an absolute no-no. Applying mascara over your lash extensions will tug at the glue, damaging the lash bonding.

Lash curlers or strip lashes will tug and pull your natural lashes as well as your eyelash extensions. Replace cotton pads or wipes with lint-free makeup remover pads for cleaning your lashes. Abrasive materials can damage your coveted extensions causing them to fall out prematurely.

Pick, rub or pull on your natural lashes

Your lashes need to be treated with love and care. Any harsh gestures will pull out your natural lashes, causing extensions to fall along with them. Using a towel or your hand to rub the eyes when wearing extensions will lead to bald spots on the lash line. Use a spoolie to brush through your lashes and call your expert if something is bothering you.

Sleep on you stomach

Your sleeping etiquette is a critical factor that will decide the lifespan of your lash extensions. Sleeping on your stomach will squish them. It is best to sleep on your back when wearing lash extensions.


Getting eyelash extensions demands time and money; obviously, you don’t want to waste either. Visit Wisp Lashes every 2-3 weeks for your refills to keep your lashes looking full and fab. When you come to us for a pre-counseling session, we will clear all your doubts. Follow these safety tips for preserving your eyelash extensions and keep adorning the red-carpet celebrity look with your classic or volume lashes.

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