Brow Lamination: Getting The Perfect Eyebrows Without The Needles

Brow situation getting a bit hairy? Here’s the down low on the latest in brow care – brow lamination. That’s minus ten minutes off your makeup routine.

Years into doing my own makeup, I admit I still don’t have my brow game down. And some of us just want to do a quick makeup look then be out the door in ten. Brow lamination is the answer to all our prayers.

Continue scrolling for perfect brows 100% of the time.

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Brow Lamination | What You Need to Know

1. What Is Brow Lamination?

woman applying mascara | brow lamination ingredients

Have you ever seen women walk out of a brow salon with divine and glossy brows that are pointed to the heavens? That’s brow lamination for you.

Fret not – the gloss will only last for up to 24 hours. They also won’t stay matted down for long. Your brows will soon return to their softer condition, but it will stay neat and uniformly positioned to appear full and healthy.

But if you like the wet look freshly laminated brows gives you, you can just apply clear gel on them.

Brow lamination arranges your brows so that the strands are lifted and fill in sparse spots. Even beauties with sparse brows can achieve fuller brows.

You can liken it to the perm you get on the hair on your scalp. But instead of curling your hair, it changes the direction your hair stands. You can achieve uniform, manicured, gel-like effects with brow lamination.

2. How Does Brow Lamination Work?

master applies brow paste with a brush to eyebrows | brow lamination before and after

Brow lamination works similarly to a hair perm.

  1. The salon technician will apply a lifting cream on clean brows. This lotion will break down the bands in your hair, which will allow them to be reformed or take on a new shape.
  2. Then your brow hairs will be brushed upwards and manicured to create full brows. Sparse areas will be filled and it will create the illusion of healthy, fully-grown brows.
  3. Next they will apply a piece of cling wrap over your brows while they wait for it to set. You might feel some tingling, but it should not be painful. This process could take no longer than five minutes, but it could depend on each individual.
  4. Finally your technician will apply a neutralizer, which will reform the bonds and setting your hairs in position. Again, this lotion will be left on for a few minutes.
  5. They’ll finish off with a hair treatment oil to bring back moisture to your strands. This is still, after all, a chemical treatment that may damage your hair.

You can have your brows waxed, trimmed, threaded, or even colored once the procedure is done. It is optional and is on an as-needed basis for you.

The whole procedure often lasts less than an hour. However, it may depend especially if you opted for another service such as waxing to shape your brows or color to improve their appearance.

The effects could last up to six weeks or 8 weeks if you take good care of your brows.

If you trim and cut your brows regularly, allow it to grow out for three to four weeks prior to your appointment. Your technician will then be able to see how to shape and do your brows prior the lamination.

3. What Is Brow Lamination Post-Care?

create permanent eyebrow makeup | brow lamination process

There’s not much to aftercare. It’s a low-maintenance treatment with only a nourishing oil and moisturizing cream after the treatment.

Your technician may ask you to keep your face dry for 24 hours. This means no sweat, no face washing, or swimming. Once your 24 hours are up, you can return to your skincare routine and apply makeup again. And you can expect the effects of brow lamination to hold up.

Simply watch out for signs of irritation, inflammation, or flaky skin. Also check the strength and condition of your brow hairs, making sure they weren’t damaged by the treatment.

4. Is Brow Lamination Safe?

stylists hand in black gloves wipe the face of the model with a cotton pad | brow lamination steps

While it is a cost-effective, non-invasive alternative to microblading or brow tattoo, it still involves harsh chemicals.

These chemicals may prove to be harmful to both your skin and brows.

It may cause irritation, itching, and inflammation on the skin surrounding your eyebrows.

The skin on your lids are sensitive, so a well-trained technician will be sure to avoid that area. Getting lifting cream or neutralizer in your eyes could also cause permanent damage.

As with all chemically-treated hair, constant treatments may be damaging to your hair. If brow lamination is something you see yourself doing regularly, make sure to leave enough time for your hair to recover.

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5. Who Can Get Brow Lamination?

sable style eyebrows concept | brow lamination training

Who should go for it:

Beauties with full and unruly brows can also benefit from the perfecting effect of brow lamination. If your brow hairs have a mind of their own and often point towards different directions, brow lamination can help tame them.

Both young and older women alike can enjoy the effects of the lamination treatment.

Basically – if you have brows that could use a little cosmetic help, go for it.

Who should think twice:

Women with rosacea, eczema, contact dermatitis, or generally sensitive skin may want to veer away from this treatment. If you have any skin conditions, consult first with your dermatologist if getting a brow lamination is possible for you.

The chemicals involved might prove to be too harsh for your already sensitive skin. They may not only sensitive skin, but may cause irritation and inflammation.

Scour for customer reviews and testimonials online. Consider your options before committing to brow lamination. Especially when dealing with chemicals, it pays to due your due diligence so your hair and skin won’t have to.

6. How Much Does It Cost?

photo of woman having facial care | brow lamination cost

A session could cost $50 to $100. The best part is – it takes only one session to transform your brows.

Its low price tag is one of the reasons why brow lamination is such a game changer. It only takes at least $50 and less than an hour to get semi-permanent soap brows. And your brows will stay on fleek for at least six weeks.

That’s value for money in my book.

Check out these brow tutorials while waiting for your appointment:

If microblading and the idea of getting a tattoo on your face scares you and gets in the way of your perfect brow dream, then brow lamination may be perfect for you!

It’s quick, non-invasive, and inexpensive.

Before scheduling your appointment and shelling out hard-earned money, do thorough research. Ask for a patch test to check whether you’ll have a bad reaction to the chemicals. Also make sure that the technicians are well-trained, well-prepared, and properly equipped.

Of course as with all procedures and treatments, aftercare is required. Pay extra attention to the skin around your eyes and your brow hairs themselves. Any signs of irritation or dryness, reach out to the salon!

While the soap bars are heavenly, waking up with perfect brows everyday will be absolutely divine! Brow lamination is the future of brow trends and I am all here for it.

Ready for brows that are on fleek all day everyday? Have you set your brow lamination appointment yet? Share with your eyebrow hacks in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you.

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