9 Best Eyelash Extension Tools You’ll Wish You Found Sooner

No eyelash extension room is complete without the highest quality eyelash extension tools. Generic tools just won’t do — you need the best of the best to really wow your clients! Build your eyelash extension kit with the most reliable eyelash extension tools in the industry. And don’t forget the decor, too — your room can be functional and chic all in one! Keep reading to learn more about these tools and where to find them.

Must-Have Eyelash Extension Tools

Searching for tools can take precious time away from honing your skills. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite eyelash extension tools to make your search a little easier and free up your lashing time.

Eyelash Gel Pads

Bulky eyelash pads tend to get in the way and cause problems as you create beautiful lashes for your clients. The Lash Professional’s eyelash gel pads are sleek and ultra-thin, effectively holding lower lashes out the way so you can work your magic. These pads are even latex-free to reduce the risk of allergic reactions in your clients.

Eyelash Extension Tape

Eyelash extension tape is a lash artist’s best friend! This eyelash extension tool makes creating beautiful lashes a breeze. Use tape for holding down lower lashes, providing better access to natural lashes, lifting extensions, and more. With this tape, no lashes will be left untouched.

Crystal Clear Eyelash Extension Stone

Who says functionality can’t also be glamorous? The crystal clear eyelash extension stone is the perfect way to access your products quickly. Simply clean off the stone with acetone or cover it with our disposable stone covers before placing your products for a clean surface every time.

The best part? This stone also stays cool 24/7 so your adhesive drops last so. much. longer. Never waste product again with this pretty extension stone.

Eyelash Mannequin

Practice makes perfect — and that’s where the eyelash mannequin comes in! This silicone mannequin is a must-have addition to your eyelash extension room. You’ll have the opportunity to try out every lash look in the book with these removable eyelids. Be prepared to create every lash request from your clients with this practice mannequin.

Lash Extension Tile Box

Organization is key when preparing for your lash sessions. The Lash Professional lash extension tile box helps you achieve just that. Designed with double spaces to hold 7-15mm lashes, this tile box makes finding the lashes you need much easier.

You’ll be able to manage your stock with this tile by organizing your lash lengths in one convenient location so you never run out of lashes again.

Disposable Mascara Wands

Cleanliness is so, so important when it comes to crafting beautiful and safe lashes. Our disposable mascara wands are a great eyelash extension tool option for a clean application every time.

Additionally, the mascara wands are built using soft bristles that carefully apply mascara without pulling harshly at eyelash extensions. Send your clients home with their own set for perfect lash maintenance. These wands work on every style and length of lashes, so every client can feel comfortable applying their mascara.

Rechargeable Portable Lash Nano Mister

Enjoy the utmost convenience with our rechargeable portable lash nano mister. Equipped with a reusable bottle, this mister is a top choice for safely sealing lash extensions. The built-in timer ensures that lashes are misted for the right amount of time. Its small size makes it easily portable, so you can take this tool on the go if need be!

Eyelash Extension Pillow

Your clients will absolutely adore this eyelash extension tool! Made with non-allergenic memory foam, the eyelash extension pillow is perfect for clients and artists alike. Clients can enjoy comfort and support during their appointments. Lash artists, on the other hand, gain a convenient place to set tools and can rest assured their clients’ heads will lay at the perfect angle to easily create lash looks.

Glamcor Classic Elite Eyelash Extension Light With Touch Sensors

The last eyelash extension tool we’ll be highlighting today is the Glamcor Classic Elite eyelash extension light. The built-in touch sensors and four-stage dimming make it easy to use and adjust. This bright light prevents discoloration, leaving you with a clear and visible canvas for your lashes.

Enjoy High-Quality Tools with The Lash Professional

When you’re ready to invest in some new tools, look no further than The Lash Professional! Our durable, reliable, and high-quality eyelash extension tools are ideal for every lash babe across the country. Your clients will be thrilled with your selection of tools and feel comfortable in your lashing room every time. Find the best tools, wholesale products, glue, primer, remover, and — of course — lashes at our shop today!

Go get ‘em, babes!

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