6 Good Reasons To Choose Environment-Friendly Natural Cosmetics

More and more people are becoming environmentally aware and are taking an active role in switching to purchasing ethically to maintain sustainability and support local suppliers in society. If you want to take the greater leap from being an uninformed consumer to a more conscious one, here are six legitimate reasons why you should pick eco-friendly cosmetics.

1) Complementing A Healthy Lifestyle

Organic beauty products go hand in hand with a healthy way of living. Everyone focuses on maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and healthy eating. Natural beauty products are the final step- it does play a role in seeing a difference in your physical and mental health. 

What you put inside your body matters just as much as what you put on your body. Our skin takes in up to 60% of what we put on it. Chemicals included in beauty products reach our bloodstream fast. Organic beauty products including substances such as avocado oil or grapeseed oil, and essential oils assist in keeping many of these potentially dangerous compounds out of the body.

2) Sensitive Skin Friendly

Natural products perform better with sensitive skin. Regular cosmetics, on the other hand, often trigger flare-ups, redness, and irritation. Eczema sufferers, for example, are advised to avoid items containing synthetic colors. It’s also a good idea to use makeup that’s made with plant-based components and that isn’t tested on animals.

3) Zero Waste Matters

Recently, the beauty industry has been exploding with the usage of microbeads- small plastic balls which are used in body scrubs and facial exfoliators. The makeup reviews at TRVST.World highlight zero waste products, which is an eye-opener as some of our dairy products contain more than 300,000 microbeads in each tube. They are so small that they can easily pass through water filtering systems directly and escape into rivers. 

They are also made of single plastic, which, if ever, takes decades to break down. Finally, when the microbeads enter the oceans, seas, and other natural systems of water worldwide, they are sadly devoured by marine creatures.

4) Fewer Toxicants

Parabens are a class of preservatives and antibacterial compounds used in cosmetics to inhibit the growth of harmful germs and mold.

Parabens imitate estrogen in the human body, according to studies. In addition, they’ve been linked to reproductive organ damage, thyroid disturbance, hormone-related malignancies, and obesity. According to research published in Human Reproduction, exposure to parabens through cosmetic products has lately been related to early-onset puberty in females.

According to a 2014 published study, pregnant women who used more personal care products had a higher level of parabens in their urine, which can immensely affect the fetus’ health.  In addition, a 2019 study discovered a relationship between paraben exposure and gestational diabetes mellitus.

Also, many traditional cosmetic products such as petroleum jelly, start with a basis of petroleum glycols such as butylene or propylene glycols. Because of their link to dioxane and other potentially dangerous compounds, petroleum-based substances should be avoided. Furthermore, synthetic scents and artificial dyes have been linked to endocrine disruption.

5) Less Is More

Companies are now removing preservative goods and concentrate on one key element. This technique allows users to choose items that meet the exact demands of their skin. When you are acne-prone, you need a one-to-one ratio of tea tree oil, and this works as a great alternative to the tough benzoyl peroxide.

6) Organic Farming Is Environment Friendly

Consider how organic agricultural techniques are better for the environment. This implies that when you pick organic cosmetics as a consumer, you are making a deliberate decision to promote the health of our world as well.

Water shortage and poor water quality are extremely significant issues. When our water supply is jeopardized, both people and the environment suffer.

According to American Rivers, a major source of water pollution in US rivers is runoff from non-organic farms, which includes toxic fertilizers and animal excrement. Organic farming contributes to the cleanliness of our water resources by preventing polluting overflows.

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When you use chemically infused products, bear in mind that they not only leave residues on your skin but also pollute the air and water. Several sunscreen chemicals have been shown in recent research to harm coral reefs, causing them to bleach. You may avoid these problems and conserve the ecosystems by utilizing bio-cosmetics. It may mean replacing some of your cosmetic and skincare items, which may sound difficult, but is more feasible and simpler than you may believe. Alternatively, muslin cloths can be used in place of disposable cotton pads.

Use bar shampoo instead of liquid shampoo. 

Organic cosmetic components have been cultivated without the use of pesticides or hazardous fertilizers. As a result, if you utilize them, you will conserve biodiversity and support organic farming.

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