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As temperatures continue to drop, here’s an ode to snowflake nail art designs for winter! Have fun and enjoy recreating these lovely nail art designs with your friends!

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Snowflake Nail Art Designs to Love This Holiday Season

Stylish Snowflake Nail Arts

Sweater weather is in full swing! I’m sure your cheeks have been kissed by the cool weather of the season. This is the same vibe that makes snowflake nail art desirable.

Snowflake nail art is indeed a staple when we talk about holiday nail designs. There’s something magical and dreamy about snowflakes so it’s really no wonder why it has become a regular holiday fixture.

I haven’t seen a collection of Christmas nail designs that do not include this pattern. So, I’m giving you lovelies something you will surely crave during the cold months.

Check out this snowflake nail art collection you should be sporting this winter!

1. In the Blue

nails | snowflake acrylic nails

Blue isn’t exactly a Christmas color but there’s no doubt that this nail design is reflective of the festivities of this season.

The addition of snowflake nail art on the ring fingernail takes this design into a whole new level of gorgeousness. Blue is a great base for this design because it makes the snowflakes really pop!

2. Mood for Nude

nai snowflake | clear snowflake nails

This is the nail art my loyal client and now good friend can’t take her eyes off of. This snowflake nail art has the right balance of simplicity and glam given its play on colors.

It’s also balanced out by the other holiday art featured. This design is classy and whimsical at the same time!

3. Easy & Pretty Snowflake Nail Art

Easy and Pretty Snowflake Nail Art | white snowflake nails

Of course, my own creation is part of this list! If you love French tips and want to give it a holiday twist, this nail art design is perfect for you.

This is something so effortless and stunning. I love how the color combination has created a flawless design people will definitely gush about. The best part about this design? You can totally do it yourself!

4. Blue Gray & White

hand young woman blue manicure design | snowflake nails blue

Not a fan of loud nail colors? Here’s the perfect snowflake nail art for you! The subtle color of blue-gray and a shade of purple give this design the depth and spectacle it bears.

The big white and dark blue snowflake artworks as accents definitely add a charm to this nail art design.

5. Stamping Snowflake Nail Art

christmas manicure snowflakes | snowflake nail art stickers

White, blue, and gold are fab colors on their own. When they’re combined together, they create magic! This nail design is proof. You will undoubtedly be the talk of your girls’ night out when you show off this nail art.

This design may look intricate and complicated, but when you’re doing your nails at home, nail stamping is your best friend!

What is nail stamping? In this method, designs are impressed on to the nail with the help of stencils, a nail stamper, and the polish of your choice. It’s an easy and creative way to make ordinary manicures special.

6. Rosy Fab

hand young woman pink manicure design | snowflake nail art step by step

Girly girls will surely swoon over this nail art. The perfect rosy nail polish brought enough glitter for this design to scream revelry. Don’t you love how the rose gold accent nails add the right amount of naughty?

Painting the details in white nail polish is a genius way of recreating the chill of winter.

7. Dark Elegance

christmas purple manicure snowflakes mirror nails | 3d snowflake nail art

The first time I saw this snowflake nail art, I was immediately reminded of how gorgeous this would look during formal events. Can you imagine these metallic purple and silver nails along with a stunning evening gown?

I would definitely recommend this if you’re going to a black-tie party or for cocktails with the ladies. Lovely? I know!

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8. Black Stamper

winter snowflake nail art design | snowflake nail art stencil

Planning to defy bright color nails and go goth? This snowflake nail art is something you will love.

It’s also very easy to recreate. Here’s how:

  • Paint your nails with plain silver or any sparkly shade of white. Wait for it to dry completely.
  • Apply a thin layer of white stamping polish on the snowflake stencil. Use a scraper to make sure the polish is evenly applied to the stencil.
  • Quickly, but carefully, press the stamper on the stencil so that the snowflake design transfers.
  • Stamp the snowflake design on each nail. Repeat the last two steps if you think there isn’t enough polish on the stamp.
  • Clean off excess stamp marks on the skin around the cuticles with a small brush and acetone. Make sure you clean the brush on a paper towel after each use so you don’t transfer the excess polish to the next finger.
  • Once the snowflakes are completely dry, finish off with a topcoat.

Wait for the topcoat to dry and you’re done! You can try this design, too!

9. Dazzling Red

new years burgundy shiny manicure snowflakes | diy snowflake nail art

Red is arguably one of the most dominant holiday colors, so this red nail art will surely appeal to many who are all about the in-your-face holiday vibe.

The sparkles painted on the other nails are also reminiscent of snow itself, right? If you don’t want to use a nail stamper, you can also try using nail art stickers! All you need are the stickers, tweezers, and a top coat to seal it all in.

10. Frosty

beautiful cute bright blue gel polish | snowflake nail art stamp

Frosty the Snowman is an iconic character during the Christmas season. This cool snowflake nail art is truly reminiscent of our childhood—snow, light blue, and glitters.

It reminds me of how I see the winter season: magical and one-of-a-kind. The snowflake art isn’t as prominent in this design, but it creates a lovely backdrop for these beloved characters.

This is something anybody, no matter their age, can wear on a daily basis for the rest of the winter season.

11. Metallic Green

beautiful shellac manicure on female hands | easy snowflake nail art tutorial

Green and red are two colors we often see during the holiday season. This green and white snowflake nail art combo is truly a reflection of how festive this season is.

Green can be a bit tricky to pull off, but this design features the perfect pop of emerald green. It even reminds us a little of the Grinch who stole Christmas (in a good way)!

12. Golden Snowflakes

gold bright ball female hands christmas | how to make snowflake nail art

This snowflake nail art uses another classic Christmas color combo–gold and red. The design features a traditional look, but it also has a touch of modern design and sophistication.

The gold snowflake patterns are playful, yet tasteful at the same time. This will truly match the festive spirit of the season.

13. Sparkly Pink

Craving for something demure? This pink stud snowflake nail art design is the perfect match for you—it’s simple yet elegant at the same time.

Adding silver glitters will add texture and spark to your nail art. Just make sure to add a double layer of topcoat to seal it in!

14. Holographic French Tips

This one is for girls who like to keep their nails short! But just because you can’t handle long nails, doesn’t mean you have to give up nail art. Remember, fashion works for you and not the other way around!

The classic, symmetrical hand-painted snowflakes in white are so delicate and serve as the perfect accent for this beautiful design. Also, the glittery French tips transform this nail art from simple to extra special!

15. Snowflake & Polka Dots

If you think back on your first experience of snow, you’re probably not going to conjure up images of single intricate snowflakes. You’re more likely to remember marveling at magical cold dots falling from the sky.

The gray nail polish and the simple addition of snowflakes and polka dots remind us of that magical first snow day!

Tip: If you aren’t in the mood for gray, experiment with the base color. You can try other colors in pastel shades, like blue, yellow, or even purple!

Watch this video by SallyHansenTV for a simple white snowflake nail art tutorial :

Are you excited to wear these amazing snowflake nail art designs this holiday season? You will surely feel the festive vibe and enjoy the colors that would remind you how happy this season should be despite the cold.

Which of these snowflake nail art designs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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